Valentine Rocky Adlon Family, Personal Life, & More

Valentine Rocky Adlon

Valentine Rocky Adlon is the sister of famous actresses Odessa Adlon and Gideon Adlon. Odessa Adlon is a television actress, whereas Gideon Adlon is a movie actress. They all grew up in California, Los Angeles. In this article, you will learn about her luxurious life along with her sisters. She played a major role in the life and career of her sisters. You will learn everything in detail about her wealthy personal life, net worth, career, and interests. Her family is related to Hollywood, and their life is quite interesting. It is fun to know everything about them.


As you already know, Valentine Rocky Adlon is the sister of famous actresses Odessa Adlon and Gideon Adlon. She is the daughter of the famous actor, songwriter, producer, and director Pamela Adlon. Her father is Felix O. Adlon who is also an actor by profession. She had a beautiful and blessed childhood as she was brought up in a loving and caring environment. She was born in 2004 and is seventeen years old. Her parents got married in 1996. Valentine’s life is a luxury because her parents and sisters have shown full faith in her and supported her growth in her career.

Her father Felix O. Adlon was the long-term boyfriend of her mother. They exchanged wedding vows in 1996, and after eight years, Valentine Rocky Adlon was born. The bond between her parents didn’t remain strong for a lifetime, and the couple decided to part ways. Their divorce was finalized legally in 2010. She is the maternal granddaughter of Don Segall and Marina L. Segall, and the fraternal granddaughter of Eleonore Adlon and Percy Adlon.

Physical Appearance

Valentine Rocky Adlon is a mixed American and German. Her father is from Germany and her mother is from America. She is a beautiful girl with a height of five feet and one inch. Her eyes color is brown, and her hair color is light brown. Her weight is around fifty kilograms and she has a perfect body measurements calculated by beauty standards.

Net Worth

The net worth of Valentine Rocky Adlon is around two hundred thousand dollars. Her net worth is the income she gained from her career in clothing. She is trying to build a brand and she will be successful someday. Her mother has a net worth of sixteen million dollars, and she has gained this income with her long-term career in acting, screenwriting, and as a producer. Her father has a net worth of around one million dollars. Her sisters are equally following in her parents’ footsteps and are in the screen career. Valentine’s mother Pamela gives her kids a comfortable and luxurious life, and the kids don’t let their mother down and are successful in their respective careers.


Valentine Rocky Adlon’s relationship status is unknown, but speculations suggest her being in a relationship with her partner. However, there is no confirmation from any side.


Valentine Rocky Adlon is living a luxurious and comfortable life due to her parents and she is a teenager yet to prove her worth. There are speculations that she landed a small role in some Hollywood movie, and some say she has her clothing line. Her exact profession is not known because she is in college or high school. Her life is a beautiful dream life for many people, but like her sisters, she must be doing the hard work with utmost dedication and her continuous efforts will make her successful one day.