7 Myths About Collision Repairs, Busted 

7 Myths About Collision Repairs, Busted

A car accident can result in more than just physical damage to your vehicle. It will also leave you briefly shaken as you consider the bodily injuries you have sustained.

Then there’s the emotional strain of being confined to a hospital, as well as the terrible reality of needing a car collision repair plan. This can be pricey, but the misconceptions you’ll encounter when learning about collision repairs might make matters much more difficult. The following are seven myths about auto accident repair as sourced from Largo auto body repair professionals:

Seven Auto Collision Repair Myths 

Insurance pays for the whole cost of repairs. 

Although this is a frequent misunderstanding, it has some reality. Car insurance is comparable to health insurance. It will cover the entire repair expenses if they exceed the deductible amount. As a result, while selecting auto insurance, you must carefully examine the deductible included in the cost.

While a higher deductible may help you achieve reduced insurance rates, it might present issues during car repair after an accident. You might still end up paying for all of the repairs with your own money, so always read the fine print.

Only authorized dealers provide the best repair service. 

Many individuals assume that only dealers have access to high-quality replacement parts and highly qualified personnel. This is another collision auto repair myth; it makes no difference whether you go to an authorized dealer or an independent automobile repair business.

Almost all auto shops have the same equipment that is frequently used to repair damaged vehicles. There is no need to choose between a dealer and a repair business because both have access to OEM components.

After a collision, your car is irreparable. 

Car repairs can still be performed as long as a competent technician is present. Furthermore, the majority of automobiles today have unibody frames that are readily repaired. If you can locate a reputable auto body repair business, you can still restore your automobile to its pre-damaged state.

An insurance company-approved auto shop is the only option for collision auto repair. 

No, it does not automatically imply that you should just go to the automobile shop suggested by your insurance carrier for your accident auto repair requirements. You are free to use the services of a recommended auto repair shop, but you must first confer with your insurance.

Because the procedure can be lengthy and difficult, some auto shops have regulations prohibiting them from receiving repair money from insurance companies. In this instance, a vehicle body repair without insurance may even be advantageous; however, this is not recommended given current automobile ownership restrictions.

Vehicles that are taken to independent auto collision repair shops void the warranty. 

As previously stated, as a car owner, you have the right to visit an independent car repair company. This should have no effect on your vehicle’s warranty.

You should, however, maintain copies of the receipts as verification of the services provided and the amount paid. As part of the post-collision repair inspection process, your insurance provider will want to look into these. You may be confident that your warranty will not be voided because a third-party repair shop was engaged, unless the repair maintenance was performed after the warranty coverage term has expired.

Once damaged, car frames can never be repaired. 

The reality is that even if your car’s structure has been damaged, it may still be repaired. Modern vehicles, especially trucks, are manufactured using unibody frames, which basically implies that the body and chassis are housed in the same location.

A vehicle with a unibody construction is lighter yet still safe for its occupants. Because of the lightweight construction, car repair after an accident is still possible, but the cost might be significant. Nonetheless, this will be determined by the sort of vehicle involved.

Your vehicle has just one appraisal. 

It can be difficult to calculate the cost and amount of automobile crash damage. However, most states do not have specific limits on how many repair quotes you may receive, which might make things easier for you.

In short, don’t restrict yourself to one estimate and accept the first offer for vehicle repair service. Consider three distinct repair choices and select the one with the lowest price, and maybe a car body repair without an insurance agreement. You may also go online for further tips to make things even easier.

The Bottom Line 

One of the things that might spoil your day is an automobile accident or collision. Accidents do happen from time to time, unfortunately. These are the top vehicle accident repair misconceptions you probably weren’t aware of. The good news is that, while a vehicle collision might leave you shaken and angry, auto collision repair can always get you back on the road.