All Personal Details About Breana Chloe Greenwood

Breana Chloe Greenwood

Breana Chloe Greenwood is a famous ballet dancer and the daughter of the famous actor Bruce Greenwood. Bruce Greenwood has established himself as a successful actor, but when it comes to personal information, his information has been kept away from the public. Many people think Chloe Greenwood is the daughter of the actor, and there have been rumours that the actor has another son, but he has not confirmed it.

Chloe Greenwood’s Father

Bruce Greenwood is the father of the famous Canadian actor and producer. The actor rose to fame after being portrayed as the American President John F Kennedy in Thirteen Days. The film earned him his place as an actor, and as a result, he was appointed as the best supporting actor.

Greenwood started his career in theatre, invested in himself, and grew his acting skills. His brilliant performance has earned him the limelight and a successful career of over four decades.

Early Life of Bruce Greenwood

Bruce Greenwood was born on August 12, 1956, in Noranda, Quebec, Canada. Greenwood’s father, Hugh John, was a geophysicist who was a Princeton University professor. Greenwood’s mother was a nurse who worked in the extended care unit, and they ensured Greenwood grew up to be a respectful young man.

Bruce Greenwood has two younger siblings, Lyn and Kelly, who are activists and nurses. Because of the nature of the work Greenwood’s father was doing, they used to move a lot, and after his birth, they relocated to Princeton, New Jersey. Later the family moved to Maryland, then Washington, before finally going to Canada, where Greenwood spent most of his childhood.

Greenwood attended several schools but graduated from Zurich, Switzerland, in high school. After high school, he studied Philosophy and Economics at the University of British Columbia. Greenwood did not stop there because he enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City to perfect his acting skills.

While in the academy, Greenwood had his first acting gig. He had to involve himself in odd jobs to make ends meet, but his passion for acting grew stronger and enabled him to move to the Canadian movie industry.

The first time Greenwood became famous was when he acted as Dr Seth Griffin in the TV series St. Elsewhere. The movie was filmed between 1986 and 1988; after that, he gained popularity and started getting more opportunities.

The brilliant performance of Bruce Greenwood in acting made him secure the role of US President John F Kennedy. That role has remained one of the most recognized in Greenwood’s career and has enabled him to win various awards.

Is Bruce Greenwood Married?

Bruce Greenwood is known to be married to his lifetime partner Susan Delvine. The couple exchanged vows in 1985 but reports indicate that they started dating when they were fifteen.

The couple has maintained their longtime relationship for more than three decades and remained faithful to each other.