Beau Martin McGinley – Family and Educational Status

Beau Martin McGinley

Beau Martin McGinley has been in the spotlight thanks to his celebrity parents. His father is Ted McGinley, an American actor, and his mother is Gigi Rice. Beau, born on May 25, 1994, is the firstborn in a family of two; his younger brother is called Quinn McGinley.

Beau Martin is well-educated. He went to Washington University in St Louis, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree of Arts in Cellular biology and was honoured for his successes in biomedical research.

Personal Life

Despite Beau Martin McGinley being a celebrity child, he likes his private life. Most of his details known by netizens are through his mother, who likes posting her handsome sons on her Instagram account. There are no details if Beau is dating anyone, but judging from his mother’s posts is probably not, or they are keeping it private.

Given the good looks he inherited from his father, you will expect Beau to have it easy with the ladies. Besides, some ladies have been trying to shoot their shot, he should be with someone, or maybe he is probably focusing on his career.

His Parents

Beau’s father is known for featuring in the shows Married With Children as Jefferson D’Arcy and as photographer Ashley Covington Evans in The Love Boat. Growing up, Ted McGinley loved athletics and swimming; he also played on the water polo team, but while in his second year in college, he started modelling with a bit of advice from his girlfriend. His girlfriend said that he could make it into the acting industry with his good looks.

Beau Martin McGinley’s good looks earned him his first acting role; he was spotted by a casting director and later featured as Roger Phillips in the comedy series Happy Days. After his breakthrough, he featured in other films, including Young Doctors in Love, Revenge of the Nerds, Dynasty, and Sports Night, among others.

Beau’s mother studied fine arts in musical theatre while at The Ohio State University. As soon as she graduated, she got into the Maltz Jupiter Theatre, Florida, where she was an apprentice. In her acting career, Gigi Rice featured as Lavonne Overton in Delta; her other roles came in the television show The John Larroquette Show, Mr Write, A Gift from Heaven, A Night at the Roxbury, and Do Over, among many other shows.

Social Media and Net worth

Beau Martin is a private person and is not active on social media platforms. If you want to know more about him, you have to check his mother’s Instagram posts. His mother uses the username thegigirice on Instagram, has over 3k followers and has posted over 600 times. Beau’s mother is also on Twitter which she joined on September 2011.

Beau Martin McGinley is a doctor having done cellular biology. He is a person who has also done some research, and given his career, he must be earning something to live by, shy of his parent’s wealth. On the other hand, his father, who has been acting for over four decades now, has a net worth of approximately 5 million dollars.