Recalling Successful Life Of Beverly Frederick Jefferson

Beverly Frederick Jefferson

Beverly Frederick Jefferson was the son of Eston Hemings Jefferson and Julia Ann Isaacs Jefferson. They lived as African American in southern Ohio in 1840s. When his family moved from Wisconsin to Madison, they changed their surname from Hemings to Jefferson to mix in the white population nicely. Beverly Frederick Jefferson became a rich and successful hotel entrepreneur. There is a lot that you might be interested in knowing. If you are looking forward to dig deeper into the life of Beverly Frederick Jefferson, it is best to give this article a good read.


As you already know, Beverly Frederick Jefferson was the son of Eston Hemings Jefferson and Julia Ann Issacs Jefferson. His grandfather’s name was President Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. Beverly Frederick Jefferson lived a tough life in the initial years of his life. When his family moved to Madison, their lives improved and they started a fresh life. His father always supported him to become successful as he had seen a lot of adversities. He gained confidence and focused on his career.

He married Anna Maud Smith in 1964. The couple had five sons. All of them were experts in their fields. They were highly qualified and became doctor, lawyer, and graduates from Wisconsin University. He rarely spoke about his grandfather Thomas Jefferson, but he chose to keep him in his heart and talked about him only in front of his close friends and relatives. His great grandchildren removed their surname Jefferson and chose Hemings showing them interested in their roots.

His elder brother chose military service and served in Union army in Civil war. Beverly Frederick Jefferson was the youngest child of his family, he didn’t want to follow the footsteps of his brother and chose hotel business for his career. Eston Hemings, father of Beverly Frederick Jefferson and his elder brother started their work as carpenters when they were living in Charlottesville. His father changed his profession to violinist and became a successful musician. Due to his black ethnicity, he was denied many rights and was treated as slave. He used his musical abilities to shout against the wrongful attitude of the government and people.

Net Worth

The net worth of Beverly Frederick Jefferson was around one million dollars. He worked hard to get this income. His hotel business and carriage company flourished making him a rich and successful man. His worth was distributed among his children.


He, with the support of his family started his hotel business and became a successful hotel entrepreneur. He ran hotel business until 1972 after the civil war. He also tried his hands in other businesses as well. He started his carriage company called Jefferson Transfer Company. His career grew in this field too. His company became the leading carriage and omnibus firm in the capital. When Beverly Frederick Jefferson died, people were sad and held long obituaries for this prominent citizen of their city Madison.


Beverly Frederick Jefferson was a successful person and flourished in every field. His parents struggled hard to manage a good life for their son, but Beverly Frederick Jefferson tried his best to live up to the expectations of his parents. He was successful in giving a good life and education to his five children. He was a thoughful man with loads of responsibilities and he ruled out every possibility of failure because he couldn’t afford it during the initial years of his career.