Anne Elizabeth Roseberry – Who is She?

Anne Elizabeth Roseberry

Anne Elizabeth Roseberry is the mother of Jamie Campbell Bower, a famous model, actor, and singer. Anne Elizabeth used to be a music and career manager, and it seems Jamie got the motivation to pursue the entertainment industry career because of his mother’s work. There is not much information about Anne Elizabeth, but let’s dig deeper.

Who Is Anne Elizabeth Roseberry’s Son

Jamie Campbell Bower is a famous lead singer who has appeared in several films. Jamie is Anne Elizabeth’s son, born on November 22, 1988, to David Bower and Anne Elizabeth Roseberry.

His parents of Jamie were involved in the music industry, and this gave Jamie the desire to join the industry. Anne Elizabeth’s son joined Bedales School and later joined the National Youth Music Theatre and National Youth Theatre, which gave him a jumpstart in his music career.

Anne Elizabeth’s son joined the industry in 2007 when he was working as a part-time model for Select Model management. That year he was recommended to an agent, resulting in his first role in the film industry.

Jamie’s first role was in RocknRolla, a crime comedy film that became successful in Australia. Two years later, Jamie was lucky, and he got featured in a series called The Prisoner. The same year, he was involved in another series Twilight. After the opportunities, he started getting more opportunities, increasing his net worth.

Jamie never stopped acting, and the following years were full of opportunities. In 2012, Jamie appeared in music videos until he returned to the theatre in 2015. He was motivated to start his band, which he called the Counterfeit.

Jamie was the lead vocalist of the Counterfeit brand, and in 2017, it successfully released its first album. One of the latest projects Jamie is involved in is a series called Will.

What is the Net Worth of Anne Elizabeth Roseberry’s Son

Many people are wondering how rich Jamie Campbell Bower is. As of 2018, he was estimated to have a net worth of $3 million. Most of his earnings have been contributed by his successful career in acting.

Moreover, the engagement of Jamie Campbell in the music industry and forming his Counterfeit brand has enabled him to grow his net worth. The brand is still young, and in the future years, its net worth of Jamie is expected to rise.

Who Is Jamie Campbell Bower Dating

Reports indicate that Jamie Bower is social and has been involved in a few entanglements. Records indicate that Jamie was once engaged to actress Bonnie Wright, whom he met while in a set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Unfortunately, the engagement did not last long, and they called it off.

Currently, Jamie Bower is believed to be dating Matilda Lowther, who is a model. If you want to know more information about the personal life of Jamie Bower, you can check him on social media platforms where he is an active member.

Jamie Bower is active on Instagram and Twitter, gaining a huge following of 650K and 850K followers, respectively.