Calvin Bradley Fichera – Family and Education

Calvin Bradley Fichera

Calvin Bradley Fichera was born on December 17, 2016. He is the firstborn son of Dylan Dreyer, an American television meteorologist on NBC News. His father is Brian Fichera, a writer, and a producer. Calvin’s other siblings are Oliver George Fichera and Russell James.

On education, Calvin Bradley Fichera has started going to school, as his mother mentions on her Instagram posts, where she tries to prepare something for him to come and eat once he is off school.

His Parents

Calvin’s mother started working as a meteorologist at WHDH in 2007 before joining NBC News in September 2012. She also appears as a weather correspondent on weekdays on Today, NBC Nightly News, and The Weather Channel.

Besides being on meteorological duties, Calvin’s mother also hosts Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer, an educational nature program on The More You Know.

In her education, Calvin’s mother went to Manalapan High School, where she graduated in 1999. She later joined Rutgers University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology. While still a college student, she interned at a private consulting company in Hackettstown called WeatherWorks for a short time.

Given the career that Calvin Bradley’s mother has had so far as a meteorologist and an author, she has earned a lot of wealth. Her net worth is estimated to be around four million dollars, and she will hopefully make more as she is still active.

Calvin’s father loves nicknames; everyone in his family has a nickname starting with his wife, who he could change her name on his contacts often. Surprisingly, even their dog Bosco has several nicknames.

Calvin’s father is a family man as he loves his wife and children; despite his nature of work, he always creates time to spend with his family. When Calvin’s father met Dylan, he used to work as a cameraman at WHDH.

How Calvin’s Parents Met

Dylan Dreyer and Brian Fichera worked at WHDH, particularly during morning shifts. At first, the couple called each other the wrong names. They used to hang out in their free time, even going to parties; at one time, they went to a party at Brian’s house, and that was when Calvin’s mother realized she had fallen for Brian Fichera.

They dated for years before getting married on October 6, 2012, at an event held at the Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston. After their marriage, they said at some point that they did not want any kids but guess what? They are parents to three handsome boys now.

Social Media

Calvin Bradley Fichera is not on social media, he is too young for it, but his parents are active. For instance, his mother is on Instagram, using the username @dylandreyernbc; she has 762k followers and posts her kids and work-related pictures. Calvin’s mother is also on Twitter which she joined in April 2009, and has 301k followers.

Calvin Bradley’s father is also active on social media, particularly on Instagram, where he uses the username @fishlense and has 129k followers. He posts pictures of his children, including Calvin Bradley Fichera, and screenshots of conversations with his wife.