Liliana Carella Rzeznik- Get to Know John Rzeznik’s Daughter

Liliana Carella Rzeznik

Lilian Carella Rzeznik is the first daughter of the great songwriter, producer, and guitarist John Rzeznik. John Rzeznik’s daughter was born on December 22, 2016, and he was happy to finally announce to his fans how he was glad to be a father. John indicated that he had been an uncle all his life, but now he was ready for action to be the best dad to his daughter Lilian Carella Rzeznik. If you are curious to learn more facts about Lilian Carella, please continue reading this post.

Lilian Carella Rzeznik’s Parents

Lilian Carella’s parents are John Rzeznik and Melina Gallo. Lilian’s parents had been dating since 2005, and they finally decided to make their engagement official in 2013. Lilian’s parents married in 2013 in front of 120 family members and friends in Malibu, California. John indicated his wedding was about family and friends, and he was glad it turned out beautiful and romantic.

John Rzeznik indicated that he had met his wife in 2004 in a record store in New York. At that time, John signed a new contract while Melina was doing charity auctions on eBay and presented several CDs that John had to sign. After that encounter, they started talking for months, although John indicated that he was trying to run away from her. Lilian’s mother felt John was trying to run away, telling him he would return to her when he wanted. The statement softened John Rzeznik, and they decided to make their relationship work.

John Rzeznik indicated to the People that they had dated for a while and he was not going far from his liver. John had indicated he preferred getting married when he had kids, but his marriage worked fine.

The Birth of Lilian Carella Rzeznik

In November 2016, Rzeznik announced while on a Facebook Live event with Sirius XM that he was expecting a baby in December. John indicated that he was ready for diapers and duty. He indicated how he was sleeping a two-hour shift in preparation for his baby.

In December, John shared a photo of her baby, indicating that the baby and mommy were fine. John indicated that there was nothing more he could ask for now that his wife was fine with their daughter Lilia. Lilian was born weighing 7 lbs. and was 20 inches long.

The career of John Rzeznik

John Rzeznik was born in December 1965 and was the youngest in a family of five children. Lilian’s father is a recognized American songwriter, and he became famous as the sounder and guitarist of the American rock band Goo Goo Dolls. John has recorded more than 14 albums with the band and is recognized for his passion as a guitarist.

John Rzeznik used to be in the Beaumont’s band but later formed his band in 1985and named it Goo Goo Dolls. After forming the band, they performed on many occasions, and John became the band’s frontman.

The band was doing well because it was gaining contracts with large labels, enabling John to become more famous.