Sarah Lai Wah Green Personal Life, Family, & Relationships

Sarah Lai Wah Green

Sarah Lai Wah Green is the wife of famous hip-hop artist and wrestler Lio Rush. The couple got married in 2018. Sarah Lai Wah Green has always supported her husband through thick and thin. She is also running a successful business and there is a lot you should know about his life. If you want to know more about her, this article is just for you. If you want to learn every little detail about Sarah Lai Wah Green, you should give this article a good read and not miss out on the gossip of this celebrity’s life.


As you already know, Sarah Lai Wah Green is the wife of celebrity Lio Rush. The real name of her husband is Lionel Gerard Green. She has a son, Milo. She is quite active on her Instagram account. Her parents-in-law were gospel singers. Her husband remembers spending most of his time in his father’s studio. Her husband has two more sons from his previous relationship, Dakari, and Dakai. There is not much known about her side of the family, but Lio Rush, her husband has a great family. However, Sarah Lai Wah Green’s husband’s life was not easy. He suffered from mental issues and depression. He had severe panic attacks that made him hospitalized for many days. He recovered after some time and worked on his childhood passion, wrestling.


Sarah Lai Wah Green has an outstanding career. She is known by her celebrity husband, but that is not all for her. She has more than twenty thousand followers on her Instagram account, and successfully sells her brand on her Etsy page. She sells hand-rolled incense and her business is growing pretty well. She, along with her husband Lio Rush, have started their podcast together with the name ‘Orange You Glad You Asked A Question? THE PODCAST!’ Although, they haven’t been active on this podcast since 2021. Her Instagram channel ‘Oh my goodness with Sarah’ has a rating of five stars showcasing her success brilliantly.

Physical Appearance

Sarah Lai Wah Green is a beauty with a sharp brain. She has fair skin color with brown eyes. She has black hair that gives her a beautiful appearance. She has a sleek body and mesmerizing skin tone. She is a tall lady with elegant looks. She takes care of Lio and his children lovingly. Her looks are mesmerizing, and she continues looking beautiful after having a baby. Her sharp features are adorable and enticing.

Net Worth

Sarah Lai Wah Green’s net worth is not known because she is not a public figure. However, her husband, Lio Rush’s net worth is five million dollars. She is running a successful business and has established herself in the field of business. Her rolled incense sticks are quite famous among people, and she gets huge orders for these incenses. Her future is as bright as her husband’s if she continues her efforts in her incense business. Her hard work and dedication will take her far, and she will set the example for her son,


Sarah Lai Wah Green is a perfect example of a perfect lady. She takes care of her household, and her business perfectly. She doesn’t let her personal and professional life mix with house issues. She is the epitome of a perfect wife, mother, and entrepreneur. She is living a luxurious life with her family. By running a successful business even after being a celebrity’s wife, she has proved her worth.