Kory Allen Clemens Personal Life, Family, Career, & More

Kory Allen Clemens

Kory Allen Clemens is the son of famous former Houston Astros pitcher Roger Clemens. Kory Allen Clemens was accused of drink and driving making him popular overnight. his car was towed from the crime scene which confirmed his involvement. this was his first offense, but Roger Clemens was humiliated due to this event. Kory Allen Clemens came into the limelight as soon as the DWI was reported. He has a large family of successful people. You will learn about them if you read this article till the end. His personal life, family, career, and net worth all are included in this article.


Kory Allen Clemens is the son of Roger Clemens and Debra Lynn Godfrey. He has three brothers Kody Clemens, Kacy Austin Clemens, and Koby Clemens. Kory Allen Clemens’s father, Roger Clemens had a tough career as he was accused of steroid use by a fellow player in his game. However, he refused all the accusations. He was also known for making shocking statements for fellow sports players and the devotion of Japanese and South Korean fans during the World Baseball Classic. Towards the end of his career, he was already famous for his diva-like behavior.

His brothers Koby Clemens, and Kacy Austin Clemens followed the footsteps of their father and opted for baseball as their careers. Kory, however, chose a different career because he had a keen interest in social work. His parents are involved in social work and do work for underprivileged children. They have a non-profit organization called Roger Clemens Foundation where they help children in their education, food, natural calamities, and religious activities. The ‘Roger Clemens Foundation’ fulfills almost every genre of social work, not only the mentioned ones. His family is a family of successful sportspersons and social activists.


Kory Allen Clemens stopped by Bellaire Boulevard at around 2 a.m. in 2019, driving a black Ford F-150 and blowing the red light, His truck was found at the crime scene and he was immediately taken into custody. Police confirmed the charges later. It was his first offense and he later was charged with a fine. Police also said if his crime is proven, he could get a sentence of six months or one year. Later, he was not guilty. But was charged with a huge fine of two thousand dollars.

Net Worth

The net worth of Kory Allen Clemens is an interesting question because his work involves generosity. His net worth is not known, but Roger Clemens’s worth is sixty million dollars which he has accumulated by playing for his baseball team in America. Kory Allen Clemens helps his father in managing the volunteering work.

Physical Appearance

Kory Allen Clemens is a native American. Being of white ethnicity, he has a fair skin color. He has brown eyes and blonde hair. He looks like a gentleman now. When he was arrested in that DWI case, his picture was made public. Many of his photographs were circulated with his parents and brothers.


Kory Allen Clemens is a dedicated son of his father. Two of his brothers have gained popularity in baseball, and the other two are successful in their respective fields. The social work of their organization is going brilliantly due to the constant efforts of Kory Allen Clemens and his parents. His arrest ensured he becomes the perfect man that his parents feel proud of. They stood by their son Kory Allen Clemens to mend him slowly.