Celebrity Mom’s Life Of Victoria Losea

Victoria Losea

Victoria Losea is the mother of Lina Marcela Medina who is known to be the youngest mother in history giving birth at the age of five years and seven months. Many theories were going around with Lina at that time, but Victoria Losea stood by her daughter and helped her go through this changing body and harsh world. In this article, you will know about the secret life of Victoria Losea and how she managed the media and handled her daughter well. Give this article a good read to know everything about her in detail.

Personal Life

Victoria Losea came into the limelight when her daughter Lina Medina got pregnant at the age of five years. When Victoria noticed abnormal swelling in Lina’s abdomen, she immediately told her husband, Tiburelo Medina. They contacted a physician and found out about Lina’s pregnancy. This was highly uncommon, and they took Lina to more qualified physicians. Every doctor confirmed the same about her. Victoria was shocked but had to take care of her daughter. Later, when Lina was eight months pregnant, Victoria talked about her condition. Lina had her menstruation at the age of three making her sexually perfect to conceive a baby.

Her daughter gave birth to a healthy baby in 1939 on Mother’s Day coincidently making her daughter the youngest mother in history. There were a lot of complications due to her young age. Doctors went ahead with the C-section delivery. Her grandson, Gerardo Medina was 2.7 kilograms at the time of his birth.


Victoria Losea was a homemaker who struggled a lot to protect her daughter from the media. Her husband Tiburelo Medina was a silversmith. She and her husband were living a happy life along with their daughter but were stressed for her daughter. Her career as a homemaker didn’t give her any net worth, but her daughter gave her high recognition for all heart-wrenching reasons.


The family of Victoria Losea involved her husband and her daughter Lina Medina. When Lina got pregnant, it came as a shock to the world because it was not possible for five years old to get pregnant. Many theories were speculated by people during that time. Her husband, Tiburelo Medina was the prime suspect in her daughter’s rape, but police found no clue against him after a week. They had to release him. The second suspect was Lina’s cousin who had mental issues but was capable of doing such a horrible crime. He was also released after the police found not enough evidence against him.

The police also tried to question Lina about the crime in the presence of Victoria Losea, but she was unable to answer any questions and got confused with everything happening around her. Police had no evidence against anyone, so they dropped the case. However, there were certain speculations that in many villages in Peru, religious festivals were held, and involved the raping of minors or young children like Lina Medina.


There were no reasonable theories for the mishappening that occurred with Lina Medina, but Victoria Losea struggled a lot to face the world and protect her daughter’s innocence. The rape of her daughter made her lose her mind, but she had to be strong enough to ensure that her daughter manages to live a peaceful life. Her life was not happy life because she faced a lot of difficulties after her daughter’s pregnancy. It is commendable that Victoria protected Lina’s privacy and never tried for any financial gain.