Spruce Up Your Room With Custom Sliding Wardrobe Doors!


Have you outgrown your old bedroom wardrobe? There’s just not enough room in the old one for new clothes and shoes to fit, and every time you open the door you are afraid of being hit by an avalanche of all the stuff you have crammed into it! Surely there is a better solution!

Fortunately, there is! The latest and greatest home improvement for wardrobes are those with custom sliding wardrobe doors that replace your existing wardrobe with a new space built just for you! So, what makes these so special?

One big piece of the appeal is the beautiful aesthetic, sliding wardrobe doors offer a lot of visual appeal, and the best part is you pick your preferred colours and finishes! They can be made in a wide variety of unique styles to suit your room’s decor, you can have a contemporary design that will perfectly fit your new home’s ultra-modern look, or go with something more traditional that matches your classic furnishings!

We are sure we can put together something that’s just the thing to suit your tastes, and that will store your clothes and accessories with easy access for you. There’s ample space to put a lot more than just what you wear in there, bags, shoes, sports equipment, monsters- just kidding about the monsters, kids, our closets are guaranteed monster-free! Moreover, custom shelves and racks can be placed in any configuration you desire so everything can have its own space for maximum storage potential!

When we say custom we mean it, there are virtually endless options for your wardrobe’s interior layout so you can get the most out of every square centimetre of space. Your old traditional wardrobe has hinged doors that require extra ‘dead space’ to swing out into, meaning you can’t leave anything in their path if you want to open them. Sliding doors give you space-saving options on both the inside and the outside! The doors run on a silent, gliding track and overlap each other when they are in the open position on whichever side you wish to reach into.

Most people think that they might like to have a larger room, and sliding wardrobe doors can make it feel as if you do because they are specifically designed to take up less space and give your room a sleeker, more open appearance. We can even cover your sliding doors with mirrors to create the illusion of even greater space!

Spruce up your room and make your wardrobe a truly special personalised space!