Noorani Qaida Course: Easy Steps for Beginners


Arabic is the most important language of all of us. This is because it is the language of our Holy Quran. We may not be able to understand the Arabic language in our whole life but we should be able to understand the Arabic language. Without it, we cannot recite the divine Qur’an and it deprives us of fulfilling our needs in life.

Many newcomers, converts, and non-indigenous Aras deal with the problem of not having the authority to present the Qur’an in its correct form. Undoubtedly, learning the basics of Arabic is the most important step toward understanding our religion. And the online Noorani Qaida course can help you get this!

Noorani Qaida: What is it?

Al-Noorani Qaida, also known as “Qaida Noorania“, is a unique book that is widely used to guide teenagers. Children, adults, and converts can benefit from it. Additionally, this course can be taken by those who want to improve their pronunciation and recitation skills.

The seventeen sections of the Al-Qaida Noorania book allow the student to master Arabic alphabets, Arabic vocabulary, complete Qur’anic verses, and Tajweed instruction. This strategy for learning Arabic is incredibly basic for non-Middle Eastern educated kids and children. The book starts with letters and increases in complexity, making us ready to use more and more complex words with ease.

Why Noorani Qaida is necessary?

The strength of “Noorani Qaida” manual lies in the method and sequence used in this book to master the Arabic language as a whole and to study the Qur’an clearly.

The book begins with a set of letters and steadily moves the reader from simple to complex letters, Qur’anic refrains, and Tajweed.

“The Qaida” book has included some activities involving Quranic letters and words which help you to express the essentials of the letters clearly and realistically.

In addition, the new format of the “Noorani Qaida” booklet has different codes that allow better clarity in the sequence of letters and promote a higher understanding of Tajweed.

Also, the rules of assertion are grouped into smaller sections that make it easier to get a handle on.

Noorani Qaida is speaking on the manual of Quran recitation. Experience has shown that those who learn the al-Noorani principles before mastering the Qur’an with Tajweed can recite the Divine Qur’an much better.

Methods to learn Noorani Qaida

There are 2 methods for learning the Noorani rule:

  1. Study Noorani Qaida on your own

If you know the Arabic language, you can continue to download the Noorani Qaida digital book from the link given at the end of this article and start learning.

Focus faithfully on one part throughout the day and give each instance ample opportunity to master it thoroughly. When you complete the learning, you will find that reciting the Quran is very easy.

  1. Study Noorani Qaida Online with Quran Instructors who are experienced

Assuming you have no prior knowledge of the Arabic language or cannot afford to expose your children to the Noorani Qaida, you should seek the help of Internet-based Quranic tutors to learn the Noorani Qaida.

Children should learn Noorani Qaida as it is the first step in learning Tajweed and reciting the Quran. Your children will soon be able to read the Quran correctly and fluently. Quran Mualim makes the learning experience exceptionally basic and simple.

Benefits of Taking Online Noorani Qaida Classes

By taking Noorani Qaida classes online, you can save the time and effort required to learn the material yourself. Assurance of proper familiarity with the fundamental principles of the Quran due to the constant supervision of an expert Quran coach during the learning time. On the off chance that you learn Noorani Qaida online, you can plan your classes in a way that suits you. As you interact directly with your online tutor, you will use an efficient and interactive online environment. Build the foundation for learning the Qur’an as it includes an integrated learning plan and lots of activities.

This is the basic structure of learning Quran recitation. You cannot study the Quran properly without learning the Noorani Qaida.

It shows babies the correct sound of words. Find out how to discuss the Qur’an with Tajweed.
How to learn letter sets and images, understand the basic guidelines for each letter, and attach letter sets.

Learn long sounds
Learn common letters or compound letters.
Get ready to read the Holy Quran without tampering.

For youngsters, it helps them think with less effort and develops the child’s thinking, detecting, listening, speaking and understanding skills.

It is an enlightening guide with learning Tajweed as it provides useful exercises that include Quranic words and verses, making it very easy for adults to read the Quran. It also helps in learning how to recite the Quran with the correct pronunciation and Tajweed of the words.


Qaida Noorani helps you succeed in Arabic as well as connect with it. A harmonious interaction makes your Quran recitation enjoyable. We also provide you with the best Noorani Qaida course online with different types of courses that help us achieve a better understanding of our Deen as well as improve our recitation and memorization skills.