Khiry Lyons- Family, Career, and Personal Life

Khiry Lyons

Khiry Lyons, born on January 21, 1991, is the son of American singer, author, entrepreneur, and television personality Leanne Clency Lyons. He has an older sister called Margaret Lyons, who is pursuing management.

In his personal life, Khiry Lyons is a father; he has a daughter called Braelynn, who was born on January 30, 2014. Details of the mother of his child are unknown as he has not let that information in public. As of 2020, Khiry Lyons was single; maybe he is dating or still single.


Khiry Lyons loves music, and he is currently pursuing a music career. He has released a few songs, Oochie being one of them. His mother wishes him the best in his music career, given that he spent some time in jail for robbery; he has to work hard in music for his daughter and mother to be proud of him.

Additionally, Khiry is part of the reality television series, Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta which revolves around the lives of children of hip-hop legends in Atlanta. He joined the reality series for its fourth season, which premiered on January 14, 2021.

His Mother

Khiry Lyons is lucky to have a mother like Leanne Lyons. He supports and wants the best for him. When Khiry was in jail, she cared for his daughter, so she was and still is a loving and caring mother.

Khiry’s mother gave birth to her first child when she was 15, so she had to drop out of school to support her daughter. Two years later, she gave birth to Khiry Lyons. Given the circumstances, she had to find something to do, so she started a singing group. Leanne was joined by her friend Cheryl Gamble, who also brought a friend by and formed the SWV( Sisters With Voices) group.

The SWV had great success as an R & B music group, selling up to 15 million albums. Despite the success enjoyed by the Sisters With Voices group, they broke up in 1997, and Khiry Lyons’ mother did not cope well with the group’s dissolution. Four years later, Leanne secured a job in an accounting firm, gaining some sense of direction.

Besides music, Khiry’s mother has written an autobiography titled I Regret the Day I Lost My Virginity: You Are Not Your Past, which was released in 2019. Additionally, she joined the WE tv family in the Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta besides her son and daughter.

Social Media

Khiry Lyons is on social media platforms but does not have a huge following as his mother. On Twitter which he joined in September 2017, he uses the username @1khishine, has 177 followers, and follows 51 users. On Instagram, you can find him at 1khi.shine1 has 215 followers and has posted just 11 times. Besides his eight-year-old daughter, Braelynn Lyons is also on Instagram.

Khiry Lyons has not been in the music industry for long, so he has not made as much money as his mother, but he is growing and has a great future ahead of him, so his net worth will grow over time.