Get to Know Juniper Grace Louise, Grant Gustin’s Daughter

Juniper Grace Louise

Grant Gustin, the Flash’s star, announced the birth of his child, indicating how happy he was to enter into fatherhood. The Flash star, popularly known as Barry Allen, is married to Andrea LA Thoma, with who they officially exchanged vows in 2018.

In 2021, Grant Gustin took to his Instagram page to announce how happy he was to welcome his daughter. The star was happy with the news and indicated that he was ready to take care of his daughter and kiss her every day until she was fully grown. Although the star’s daughter is still young, she has been welcomed well by many fans who wish her well as she grows up.

Juniper Grace Louise’s Parents

Grant Gustin and Andrea Thoma are the parents of Juniper Grace Louise. Juniper’s parents met in 2016, and Grant proposed to the beautiful lady the following year. The two lovebirds were at the beach, and the movie star decided to surprise her. Although it seemed a joke, Thoma laughed and accepted the proposal.

In 2018, Juniper’s parents held their wedding in Los Angeles. Gustin said that was their second wedding because they had held another symbolic ceremony in Malaysia with the bride’s parents.

In 2020, the couple celebrated their two years of marriage. Gustin indicated that his lover and wife inspire him to do better daily, and he was glad to have her in his life. Also, Thoma expressed how she was spending her life with Grant.

When the love birds knew they were expecting a baby, they celebrated the news and posed with their dogs, indicating they would add another crew member soon. The couple celebrated the news while holding the ultrasound in their hands.

Juniper Grace Louise’s Mother

Andrea Thoma is Juniper Grace’s mother, born on July 11, 1988, in Malaysia. Juniper’s mother is a trained Physical therapist after graduating with a doctorate from Kent State University. Currently, she practices in Sunnyvale, California.

Andrea Thoma grew up with his brother and sister in Malaysia, and because her mother is of Malaysian ancestry, she was brought up learning Malaysian practices. Thoma joined Kent State University, earning a BS degree in exercise physiology. After she graduated in 2009, she joined Old Dominion University and did her Ph.D. in Physical Therapy.

Andrea Thoma became famous after he married the actor-singer Grant Gustin in 2018. Moreover, she loves posting on Instagram, gaining huge followers from her constant posts.

Juniper Grace Louise’s Father

Grant Gustin is a popular American actor and singer. The star is the father of Juniper Grace Louise, and he warmly welcomed his daughter to the world, glad she was fine. Grant Gustin was born on January 14, 1990, in Norfolk, Virginia, to Tina Haney, a pediatric Nurse, and Thomas Gustn, a college professor.

Juniper Grace’s father graduated from Granby High school in 2008 and joined the BFA Music Theatre program at Elon university. Juniper’s father developed an interest in acting when he was in high school.