Austin Drew Greenfield’s Family and Personal Life

Austin Drew Greenfield

Austin Drew Greenfield is the son of American singer Ronnie Spector. His father is Jonathan Greenfield, and he has four siblings: Jason Charles Greenfield, Gary Philip Spector, Louis Philip Spector, and Donte Philp Spector. Among Ronnie Spector’s children, Austin and his brother Jason are less known as they have not revealed much about themselves.

Austin Drew Greenfield has not revealed much about his personal life, so it is hard to know if he is married, to whom, and if he has any children. The same applies to what he does for a living, and you can’t tell what he does.

His Mother

Austin Drew Greenfield’s mother co-founded the music girl group The Ronettes. The group consisted of her older sister Estelle Bennett and her cousin Nedra Talley. Ronnie Spector’s family was the one that encouraged her to sing. When the  Ronettes were in high school, they could sing at school events, and they were cheered by their fellow students, so they decided to pursue music as a career.

His Mother’s Music Career.

Austin Drew’s mother, with her group, the Ronettes, became popular in the 1960s, and with the help of the Philles Records label, they were able to achieve great success. They released their first song with the label in 1963, titled Be My Baby, and was number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Ronettes then released several songs, including Baby, I Love You, Do I Love You, Walking in the Rain, Born Together, and Is This What I Get for Loving You, among others.

Austin’s mother’s group broke up in 1967, and the following year Ronnie Spector was married to Phil Spector, the owner of Philles Records. Phil prohibited Austin’s s mother from singing and later limited her recordings, negatively affecting Ronnie’s music career.

Austin’s mother decided to go on a solo music career, releasing her first song, Try Some, Buy Some, in early 1971, peaking at number 77. Ronnie released other songs, including You’d Be Good For Me, Paradise, Say Goodbye to Hollywood, Darlin, and Who Can Sleep. In 1972, after separating from Phil Spector, she reformed the Ronettes by adding two new members. The group released a few songs, and at the same time, Austin Drew’s mother was also singing on her own.

Ronnie Spector did so well in the music industry, releasing Eps, solo songs, and albums; indeed, it was a loss in the rock and roll genre of music when she died. Austin Drew Greenfield’s mother died on January 12, 2022, aged 78, due to cancer.

Net worth and Social Media

Little is known about what Austin Drew Greenfield does to earn a living, so it is hard to estimate his net worth. Besides, his mother had a great music career, so she must have made a lot of money, and given that she died recently, Austin must have inherited some.

On social media platforms, Austin seems inactive, as no handles related to him were found on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. He seems to be a private guy as he is not letting much into the public despite being a celebrity’s child.