Micah Emmanuel Lanfer- Bio and Family.

Micah Emmanuel Lanfer

Micah Emmanuel Lanfer was born in Los Angeles on January 18, 2012. His parents are Sarah Drew, an American actress, and Peter Lanfer. Micah has one sibling called Hannah.

Micah is passionate about acting and seems to follow in his mother’s footsteps. When he was 10, he was so much into theatre, and acting had turned out to be a family affair. Micah loves watching movies with his mom and sister, movies in which his mother has featured hence his love for acting.

Over the coronavirus period, Micah watched many movies and participated in plays and short films showing his acting skills.

Micah’s family is close-knit; they love going on vacations and dinner dates together. It is more of a perfect family as they always have fun going out. As the firstborn, Micah Emmanuel Lanfer loves his little sister so much.


On education, there is not much on which school he goes to currently, but he goes to one since his mother mentions that during the 2022’s summer, Micah had a great bond with his classmates and got to learn some filmmaking skills. Micah Emmanuel Lanfer loves reading and is very innovative and inventive; his mother calls him an engineer in the making.

His Mother

Micah Emmanuel Lanfer’s mother is an actress, producer, writer, and director. She came from a Christian family whereby her father and brother are pastors though his mother is a teacher. In her education, Micah’s mother went to the University of Virginia, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in drama.

Sarah started acting in high school, having featured in Daria, an animated series and its films voicing Stacy Rowe. When in college Micah Emmanuel Lanfer’s mother made her professional stage debut featuring as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. Soon after getting her degree in drama, Micah’s mother featured in Vincent in Brixton, making her Broadway debut.

After her breakthrough, Micah’s mother moved on to television, making an appearance in Wonderfalls, starring as Hannah Rogers in the series Everwood. Between 2004 and 2006, she made appearances in several notable shows, including; Law & Order, Castle, Glee, Privileged, Supernatural, Private Practice, Special Victims Unit, and Cold Case.

Micah’s mother is more known for her starring role in the medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy, where she is cast as Dr. April Kepner making her first appearance in the series in September 2009. She appeared on the show as a Resident of Mercy West Hospital, but she started featuring as a regular in 2010. Sarah Drew took the main role from 2010 to 2018, when she exited, but then came back in 2021, featuring as a special guest star.

Micah’s mother is still active in the acting industry.

Social Media

Micah Emmanuel Lanfer is too young to be on social media, so he is not on any platforms. No account of his is managed by his parents either. Nevertheless, you can see pictures of Micah on his mother’s social media accounts. For instance, Micah’s mother posts pictures of dinner dates and vacations on her Instagram. On Instagram, Micah’s mother uses the username thesarahdrew; she has over 4 million followers with over a thousand posts.