Vital Things to Know About the Dazzling Life of Kelli Pieratt Smith

Kelli Pieratt Smith

Kelli Pieratt Smith is the mother of the American Actor known as Montana Jordan. You may know him as the iconic child actor in Young Sheldon. The show is the spin-off of the famous American sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

Kelli Pieratt Smith comes from Canada through her parents. Her husband is Tony Jordan. The couple has two other kids besides Montana, Jordan Katelli and Jaden Jordan. Let’s find out what goes on behind the mother of such a talented and funny actor. Keep reading to learn more about the glamorous life of Kelli Pieratt Smith, the celebrity mom.

Personal Life and Family

The date when Kelli Pieratt Smith was born is unknown. However, looking at her, we can approximate her age to about forty or fifty years old. Kelli is incredibly active on social media. She usually posts a lot about her different life experiences and loved ones. Most of her posts on Instagram are about her children and family. The number of followers on her Instagram account is roughly 1000, including her son, Montana Jordan. From her posts, it is plausible to deduce that she comes from a blissful marriage. Her husband is incredibly loving and caring.

About Kelli Pieratt Smith’s Son, Montana Jordan

Jordan was born on the 8th of March in 2003. He is an American actor, model, and TV personality. The 19-year-old ventured into the acting industry at a young age. Montana gained popularity when he started playing his role as Georgie Cooper on Young Sheldon. The actor was a nominee for the Best Performance and best-supporting teen actor awards in TV series. Besides his acting career, the 19-year-old is a content creator, social media influencer, and investor.

According to some internet sources, Jordan also performed in theatres. The talented actor also appeared in other shows, including The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter and The Big Bang Theory. In addition, numerous interview shows have hosted Jordan Montana as a guest since he became famous. In 2018, he was nominated for the Young Artist Award. Kelli Pieratt Smith must be remarkably proud to be the mother of such a talented personality.

Kelli Pieratt Smith brought Jordan Montana and his siblings up in Longview City, Texas. There are no details about where Kelli Pieratt Smith took Jordan to school. However, we know that Jordan went to a good school in Texas. There is still no information about Jordan’s college plans.

Personal Traits of Kelli Pieratt Smith

Unlike his fairly tall son, Kelli Pieratt Smith is relatively shorter. Her eyes have shades of brown, and she has blond hair. She is both a charming and determined woman. According to internet sources, Kelli Pieratt Smith is also a lovely woman of excellent manners. According to people who have interacted with Kelli in person, she is kind and incredibly generous.

Kelli Pieratt Smith’s Net Worth

Kelli Pieratt Smith may be active on social media, but details of her work remain undisclosed. However, she is the mother of a successful actor whose net worth is approximately two million dollars.

Final Thoughts

Kelli Pieratt Smith is a mother who raised her kids to be kind. She is a committed and stout woman who loves her family.