Janel Bloodsworth’s Private Life, Career, and Net Worth

Janel Bloodsworth

Having celebrity parents, siblings or partners makes one Hollywood royalty. It is not different in the case of Janel Bloodworth. Having a celebrity husband brought the attention of tabloids to her. Courtesy of Tom Guiry, more and more people want to learn more about Janel.

Tom Guiry is an iconic American Actor. Most people recognize him from his character, Scotty Smalls on The Sandlot. Other popular movies that portrayed him include Black Hawk DawnThe Revenant, and Black Donnelleys. Continue reading to discover more juicy details about Janel Bloodsworth.

Private Life

Janel Bloodsworth is the significant other of Tom Guiry. Although her partner is incredibly famous, Janel keeps most of her life private. Not much is known about her or what she does. As a result, her lifestyle and personal life are not in the tabloids.

In addition, the date when Janel was born remains unknown. She lives behind the tabloids without information about when or where she was born. Similarly, the details about the schools or colleges she attended remain unrevealed.

About Janel Bloodsworth’s Husband

As stated earlier, Janel Bloodsworth’s better half is Thomas John Guiry, also known as Tom Guiry. He has star status in Hollywood as a famous American actor. Tom Guiry’s birthday was on the 12th of October 1981. He was born in Trenton, New Jersey.

Tom Guiry attended a school called St. Gregory the Great in Hamilton Township. He attended the same institution right from kindergarten to eighth grade. Later, he joined Notre Dame High School in New Jersey.

Tom’s fame attributes to his acting career. His role in The Sandlot at twelve years old earned him his current celebrity status. In the film, he starred as a character known as Scotty Smalls. After that, he appeared in The Black Donnellys, a crime show where he portrayed an incredibly remarkable level of adaptability. Throughout his career, Tom Guiry has been appearing in other successful movies and TV shows, including U-571, The Mudge Boy, Black Hawk Down, and Mystic River.

Janel Bloodsworth’s Net Worth

Since Janel keeps her life behind the tabloids, we do not know any details about her professional life. Whether or not she has a job remains unknown. In the meantime, she is married to one of the most successful Hollywood stars. Tom Guiry amassed a great deal of wealth from his acting career. His net worth is roughly one hundred thousand dollars.

Janel and Tom Guiry’s Marriage

Tom married the love of his life in 2009. The wedding took place at the Crown Reef Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. So far, they are known to be a happy couple. Contrary to most celebrities’ trends, Tom and his wife have never been subjects of any controversies. In an interview, they revealed that mutual understanding with your partner is the key to attaining a healthy relationship.

Final Thoughts

Janel Bloodsworth does not like revealing her personal information to the public. As a result, there is very little to tell about her life.