Owen Bartlett Hubbell, Personal Life and Net Worth

Owen Bartlett Hubbell

Owen Bartlett Hubbell is a celebrity child. The incredibly talented former Glee star Heather Morris is his mother. Owen was the talk of the town right from the moment he came to this world. His celebrity status stems from that of his parents. Heather Morris played a considerably massive role in the musical comedy Glee, making her a superstar. Similarly, the talented dancer and actress appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

When Heather revealed the birth of his second-born son on social media, she was more than delighted and proud. Keep reading here to find more information on Owen Bartlett Hubbell, his family, net worth, and other associated controversies.

Private Information

Owen Bartlett Hubbell was born in Los Angeles on the 12th of February, 2016. His parents are Heather Morris and Taylor Hubbell. Owen is the second child of the couple. On the day of his birth, his mother went to social media to announce his weight was 7lbs, 3oz.

In a social media post, Heather reported that she was excited about the fantastic experience involving her son’s birth. She also thanked and expressed gratitude toward her partner, doctor and family. In the post, the image of the former Glee star shows an adorable shot of herself cuddling her newborn bundle of joy.

Owen Bartlett Hubbell’s dad is a renowned baseball player. He and Owen’s mother attended the same high school. However, they did not know each other during their high school experience. The couple only met on Myspace, interacted, and discovered they had been to the same school.

After a few interactions, Heather and Taylor fell in love and eventually got hitched. According to internet sources, Heather loved her husband so much that she was more than willing to pose on her acting career and dedicate herself to their marriage.


Owen Bartlett Hubbell has an older brother named Elijah. The lovely romantic story of Heather and Taylor bore their first-born son. Three years later, Owen Bartlett Hubbell came along. According to the actress, Elijah was excited about her brother’s birth because he would later find a playmate.

Owen Bartlett Hubbell’s Parent’s Net Worth

No trusted source can reveal the precise net worth of Owen’s parents. However, his mother has a successful acting career. She is also a professional dancer and model. Her work amassed a substantial amount of wealth. Heather Morris’ net worth is roughly four million dollars.

In addition, Taylor Hubbell is a successful baseball player. His net worth amounts to approximately eleven million dollars. Aside from that, the family owns numerous villas and apartments in diverse areas across the United States. Thus, unlike other kids his age, Owen Bartlett Hubbell comes from a family of great fortune.

Owen Bartlett Hubbell’s Education

Owen Bartlett Hubbell is of school-going age. His parents maintain a private life behind the cameras. Thus, there is no information about Owen’s education.

Final Words

Owen Bartlett Hubbell is a child who spends most of his time with his family and friends. There have been several posts of him having fun with his brother and mother in nature. We believe that Owen’s life constitutes a luxurious lifestyle.