Curtis Dale Atwood II: Meet Dale Atwood’s Father

Curtis Dale Atwood II

Curtis Dale Atwood II is a celebrity parent, best known as the father of YouTubers Roman Atwood and Dale Curtis Atwood III. Atwood II fathered the two social-media sensations with his late wife, Susan Anne Christman, who passed away in May 2019. Roman Atwood is the most famous of the two brothers, best known for his vlogs which feature updates on his life. His channel RomanAtwoodVlogs has over 5 billion views and 15 million subscribers. Please keep reading to learn more about Dale Atwood II and his sons.

Curtis Dale Atwood II Bio

Curtis Dale Atwood II was born in Ohio on 16 August 1959 to Curtis Dale Atwood and Kay Frances Echelbarger. Before fame, Atwood raised his family with his late wife, Susan Anne Christman, in Ohio. He married her in 1980. In May 2019, Susan was involved in a tragic accident where she fell off a scooter and injured her head, losing all her vitals. She was rushed to the hospital but could not be saved.

Atwood is the owner of the rope company Atwood Rope MFG.

Curtis Dale Atwood II Children

Atwood has two sons. His first child, Roman Bernard Atwood, was born on 28 May 1983. His second child is Curtis Dale Atwood III, born on 7 May 1985. Roman gifted their father a car on his birthday in 2016. The family has always been close.

Atwood is the father-in-law of Britney Danelle Smith and Jessica Erin Sears Atwood. Shanna Janette Riley Atwood is his former daughter-in-law.

Atwood’s grandchildren include Kane Alexander, Conrad Atwood, Curtis Atwood IV, Noah Vaughn, Cora, and Knox Atwood.

Dale Atwood

Dale Atwood is the 34-year-old son of Atwood II. Although he is not as famous as his older brother, Roman, Dale dabbles in Youtube videos.

Roman Atwood

Roman Bernard Atwood has been filming and producing videos since high school. He began his independent career as a producer of a series of DVDs called The Nerd Herd and sold them at the Warped Tour in 2006. He worked on several film projects and commercials

in Colombus, Ohio, until 2010, he shifted his focus to his passion for comedy and created his first YouTube channel “Sketch Empire.”

In 2013, Roman founded his merchandise line Smile More, which sells T-shirts, bracelets, hoodies, and other items. He has three vlog channels that have gathered millions of subscribers. RomanAtwoodVlogs has 15.5 million subscribers and over 5.44 million views. RomanAtwood has 10.3 subscribers with over 1.55 billion views, and RomanAtwoodPodcast has 291 thousand subscribers and about 7.1 million views. His videos are about his everyday life. Some of his most successful works include the Plastic Ball Prank, uploaded on 18 January 2015, the Aniversary Prank, posted in November 2013; Killing My Kid Prank from November 2014; and Toilet Paper Prank.

Roman married Shanna Riley in 2001, who gave birth to his first son Noah. She cheated on him with a friend while on vacation in 2008, making him file for a divorce.

He married Britney Smith-Atwood in July 2018 and resides with her in his hometown. The couple has three children: Kane, Cora, and Knox. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Wrapping Up

Atwood is a supportive father, and his close relationship with his sons is evident from the videos that Roman uploads.