China’s Best Shopping Streets!


China’s unique culture and many historical and natural attractions make it a very popular tourist destination, with around 35 million visitors a year! Every part of the country has its own distinctive dialect, cuisine, and traditions, making for a fascinating new experience around each corner. This also accounts for a huge variety of interesting goods and gewgaws to be purchased on your visit!

The Chinese themselves love to go shopping, and there are thousands of venues both big and small. The prices are very reasonable, and sales tax compliance is carefully practiced by each one so you never face any surprises when leaving the country through customs, your duties will be free and you will be ready to fly!

Now, let’s look at some of the best shopping the vast middle kingdom has to offer!

Chunxi Road – The best marketplace in Chengdu can be found on Chunxi Road in Sichuan Province, it has some of the best products China has to offer! The province is famed for its distinctive spicy cuisine, so this is the place to stock up on unusual spices and ingredients you might have trouble finding back home, just be sure to try these unusual treats in the many market stalls first so you know what you like! The Bronze statues at the road’s head will guide your way, and remind you just how far back bustling modern China’s past goes!

Wangfujing Street – Beijing, China’s capital for all things including shopping! This amazing market street is the home of hundreds of souvenir shops, art supply shops, food markets, and small department stores. You can find Chinese herbs, sporting goods, clothing, jewellery, and just about anything else here! The food stalls and carts feature wonderful Han-style cuisine and many others, you can’t leave without trying some! One of the best stops for shopping there is!

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street – This great shopping street can be found in South China’s Guangzhou province. The ornate, old Chinese-style architecture makes the area very picaresque, and will inspire you to come home with armloads of classic souvenirs! There are over 300 shops jammed into just 100 metres, so take your time because you don’t want to miss any of the fantastic bargains to be found here!

Central Avenue – Located in Harbin in Heilongjiang Province, this fascinating mixture of old and new was actually constructed by Russians from across the nearby border, who called it “Chinese Street”. The Russian influence can be viewed in Central Avenue’s architecture, and you can find many Russian goods from across the border! Walk along the cobblestone streets and be charmed by the unusual mix of two very different cultures who work together to bring you one thing- great shopping! Another thing not to miss is the Russian restaurants, where else in the world can you order borscht soup with won-tons in it? This place is a delight, don’t miss it!

Visit China’s official tourist website for more fun things to do! There is so much to do and see and buy in China, we hope you come visit us soon!