Top 8 places for enjoying pineapple tarts at Chinese New Year

Top 8 places for enjoying pineapple tarts at

Various snakes, cakes, fruits, nuts, goodies, and cookies are popular and served for eating during Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year cookies are part of the celebration and have a primary place because of their behind meanings. The Hokkiens are particularly fond of pineapple and they mean it as “fortune come”. That’s the way the pineapple is usually incorporated into Chinese New Year snacks and goodies. A popular cookie is the pineapple tart which is a combination of biscuit and fruit. This buttery biscuit base is topped with pineapple jam and served to eat at Chinese New Year with the thought of coming fortune and prosperity in the coming New Year.

History of the pineapple tart

Pineapple tart is one of the most traditional Chinese New Year cookies. These are the first to give birth as delightful pastries. These are prepared by Chinese immigrants who come from the Malay Peninsula.    Portuguese rules over Malacca for 130 years. When the Portuguese went away from Malacca they left their ideas of architecture, culture, and food. Tarts are native to Portugal and Malacca is fond of pineapple. They use the technique of mixing butter, and flour to make dough with the addition of pineapple and made pineapple tarts.

Types of pineapple tarts

With many variations, three main types of pineapple tarts are found in the market for the Chinese New Year.

Pineapple balls: These are also known as Golf balls and are enveloped by a rich pastry. You can see a crisscross or leaf pattern on the top of the ball for decoration.

Open face pineapple tart: It is a mostly eaten type of pineapple tart in which pineapple jam is set on the top of a buttery crust.

Pineapple rolls: This type has a cylinder shape and pineapple jam roll in it with two exposed ends.

Top places for buying pineapple tarts

We are happy that the pineapple tart eating season is just around the corner because the Chinese New Year festival is coming with the beginning of celebrations. The perfect combination of sweet and sour, buttery and flaky, and pure gold pineapple tarts arrived on every table. To get the best taste we make a list for you so don’t waste your time searching for the top picks for the pineapple tart in Singapore.

Bread Garden

Their traditional pineapple tarts melt into your mouth with a delicious taste. They offer signature products and you can also get apple-shaped Nonya pineapple tarts with cloves on the top. Their top-quality ingredients give a unique flavor experience. It is a halal-certified bakery that makes all kinds of Chinese New Year cookies. They prepared everything delicately balanced from the butter to texture, the pastry to cake, and sweetness to the filling.

Pineapple tarts Singapore

Every single bite of their pineapple tart bite gives a pleasant experience. Pineapple tarts in Singapore are the name of quality because there are no compromises on the quality and delivered freshly baked pineapple tarts to your doorstep. They maintain the high quality of all CNY goodies and limit the orders to maintain the taste and quality of products and guarantee only the best for their clients at Chinese New Year.

Wang Lai Bakery

It is a popular confectionary booth established in 1968 and located in Chinatown that specializes in Chinese goodies and pineapple tarts. Wang lai bakery preserves recipes passed down for 4 generations in the family and extraordinary efforts have been made to improve the family recipes. Every goodie is beautifully handcrafted and plenty of attention is given to its construction for Chinese New Year Cookies.

Ding Bakery

Ding bakery provides homemade CNY Goodies with the best-handcrafted recipes using the best quality ingredients. Ding bakery is mostly known for its award-winning melt-in-the-mouth pineapple balls. Classic traditional open-faced Nyonya pineapple balls are one of the best products of ding bakery at Chinese New Year. Other products of ding bakery like buttery pineapple balls, bee hiam, and melt-in-mouth kueh bangkit are also amazing.

Zee & Elle

Zee & Elle started in 2013 and they took a lot of inspiration from nature like the sea, sky, and trees and they believe in originality away from the noise and rush. Their pineapple tarts and cookies are baked with fresh ingredients and all fillings are made with fresh and best materials. Zee &Elle bakery use no preservatives in their CNY goodies and always make their Chinese New Year goodies with pure ingredients and 100% fresh fruits.

The pine Garden

The pine garden has been offering fresh confectioneries and CNY Goodies for the past 30 years at Chinese New Year and it marries tradition with innovation. Unique flavored cakes and homemade pineapple tarts are their main selection at Chinese New Year. Yuzu pineapple roll is an amazing product of the pine garden. It’s made with reduced sugar and yuzu is sourced from the Kochi prefecture in japan. Their main products are hae bee hiam cookies, sea salt kueh, spicy seaweed knots, steam or ni yam paste, and bangkit.

Gin Thye

Gin Thye is recognized as a national heritage board of Singapore. It’s a brand known for the preservation and spreading of traditional Asian bakery culture. They make delicious special old-fashioned Asian pastry and their pineapple tart is one of the amazing products at Chinese New Year. All Chinese New Year goodies are famous for their taste.

Bakers well

It’s a bakery that serves handmade delights from fresh ingredients from the oven and people walking along east coast roads are attracted by the rich and aromatic smell which originates from this bakery. At this Chinese New Year Bakers well are back with their extraordinarily pleasant and delicious recipes with their famed juicy pineapple tarts, Nonya Apple Shape pineapple tarts with cloves having no match.

If you want to take an original traditional taste of pineapple tarts then you have to go to Bread Garden. Their Chinese New Year cookies can fill your New Year celebration with full of fortune and happiness. So enjoy your New Year celebrations with the sweetness of their goodies or cookies.