A great way to learn Thai while enjoying language classes in Bangkok


It is astonishing just how many people decide to live in a foreign country for work, retirement, or education and do not learn the local language. This might be down to a lack of confidence, arrogance which is sometimes portrayed in elder expats, or simply not finding the time or knowing where to look.

While they can get on with their lives, it can cause obstacles, and it doesn’t allow them to enjoy their new location to the max. While some are not concerned with this and form their own homeland in their new base, there are those who would love to learn and integrate fully, without just using it as an excuse to apply for a visa. The Land of Smiles, AKA Thailand offers opportunities to fully embrace an astonishing lifestyle by attending Thai language classes.

  • There is a language school that caters for those who want to learn or improve their skills so that they can enjoy conversations in their native tongue and make life easier in their new location. There are two courses available to suit all requirements, starting with an essential Thai learning program. This short course is perfect for those wishing to improve their language skills without applying for a visa. The classes of between 3 to 8 students last just over 40 hours and is a great way to meet others in a similar situation, while those who prefer it can enjoy one-on-one learning.
  • Meanwhile, an ED Visa program is for those who want a long-term course lasting between 3.5 and 14 months and is coupled with an Education Visa. The lessons are repeated so those busy elsewhere don’t miss out and offer the opportunity of self-learning via recorded online classes, or interactive learning with fellow scholars and teachers. Perhaps passing the course might lead onto the stages of buying property in Thailand.
  • The curriculum at a leading Bangkok language school is different to many others and allows progress to be easily followed with an incentive to improve. As advancements are made, they are charted starting in pastel blue, while the eventual aim is scarlet red. The different colours are awarded as progression is made. Different modules are included, which start with Jump Start Module, which includes an icebreaker, lifehack and experience, which all allow a student to improve and use their new skills in everyday life.
  • The Focussed Module concentrates on being able to be confident reading and writing Thai script, which can be extremely advantageous in professional situations, or when out and about when there is no English on display. Finally, the Proficient Module offers guidelines to grammar, while expert covers culture, traditions, and beliefs. Masterclass is ideal for those who have excelled and want more. More might be learned when visiting a heritage home and museum.

Learning Thai while living in the country opens a world of opportunity whether socially or at work. There is a school that provides courses of all levels, and can include a Visa, so an expert level can be reached.