Chera Pierce Meredith – Who Is Chonda Pierce’s Enstranged Daughter?

Chera Pierce Meredith

Chera Pierce Meredith is the first child of the queen of cleanliness, Chonda Pierce. Chera was born on February 13, 1984, a few years after her parents were married. As of 2022, Chera is 38 years, and many records indicate that she is married with kids. Unfortunately, there are no records about her husband and children, as it seems she cut all ties with her parents for unknown reasons. Here is more information about Chonda Pierce’s daughter.

Chera Pierce Siblings

Chera Pierce is the firstborn in her family and has one sibling. David Zachary Pierce was born on September 6, 1989, and is the only sibling of Chera. Chera’s relationship with her brother is unclear after she cut contact with her parents.

Chera Pierce’s Mother

Chonda Pierce is the mother of Chera and is a recognized comedy queen. Chonda was born on March 4, 1960, in Covington, Kentucky, where she grew up. Besides being a TV presenter, author, and actress, she is also a contemporary gospel stand-up.

Chonda Pierce’s family had three girls and one boy, and Chonda was the third born. During Chonda’s childhood, they lived in Georgetown, South Carolina, and later when she was 15, they moved to Ashland City.

Chonda Pierce’s mother had a pastor father, although he was a violent man. Before Chonda Pierce would turn 18, her two-sister died. The eldest died at 20 in a car accident, while the other, Cheralyn Ann, died at 15 due to Leukemia.

Chonda’s childhood was so traumatic because of the loss she had to undergo at a young age. Chera Pierce’s mother hoped to be an actress one day, and she decided to major in art studies to achieve her dream. Chonda joined Trevecca Nazarene University before transferring to Austin Peay State University and majoring in theater arts.

Chonda Pierce’s Documentary

In 2016, Chonda Pierce released a documentary that talked about her life. The documentary made many people wonder how such a great talent of comedy that made many people happy had endured a life of struggle and the loss of her loved ones.       

From the documentary, the losses Chonda had experienced in life made her struggle with depression. She lost her mother, two sisters, her husband, and her daughter, which made her life miserable despite the laughter experienced in her shows.

She hoped that with her documentary, she would inspire others that had reached a point of depression like her. The documentary was nominated for a Daytime Emmy nomination five times and won the Best Documentary Award in 2016.

Chera Pierce ‘s Relationship with Her Mother   

Chonda and Chera hit the headlines after Chonda revealed that her daughter cut ties with the family for the reasons she knows herself. Chera, named after Chonda’s sisters, became angry with her parents, especially her mother, because Chonda was extremely focused on her career rather than her family. The bitterness grew, and she cut contact with her family when she got married.

Chonda and her husband met while in high school, and Chera’s father was a handsome guy that caught the attention of many ladies. Chonda’s husband was a professor and an alcohol addict. Despite attending rehab, he did not stop drinking, and this caused him to have a stroke in 2013.