Charlotte Heyward-Blackwell – Career, Net Worth and Personal Life

Charlotte Heyward-Blackwell

Charlotte Heyward Blackwell is the wife of the late NBA player Craig Blackwell. The exact records of Charlotte’s date of birth are unclear, but she was born around 1968. Charlotte is the executive director of the Heyward House, a foundation established by his son Cameroon Blackwell.

Charlotte Heyward Blackwell’s Husband

Craig Heyward was the husband of Charlotte, and he was born on September 26, 1966. Charlotte’s husband was a recognized football player, and when he was in college, he engaged in football like all his sons. For eleven years, Charlotte’s husband had a career with the national Football League, which enabled him to grow his net worth.

Charlotte’s husband played for Pitt Panthers in college before he joined NFL. Unfortunately, Charlotte Heyward’s husband lost his life at 39 years due to a brain tumor. Heyward had a brain tumor for seven years, killing him when his children were still young in 2006.

Charlotte Heyward Blackwell Children

Charlotte Heyward is a proud mother of four sons. All her sons took after her husband’s career and are recognized football players for various teams. The four children of Charlotte include Craig Jr, Corey, Cameroon, and Connor. When Charlotte’s sons were in high school, they played sports, and Craig Jr played in New Jersey, where his father was playing. The other three played for Peachtree Ridge High School.

Who is Cameroon Heyward

Cameroon Heyward is a recognized NFL player who has been playing for the last eleven years. Cameroon was born on May 6, 1969, to Charlotte and Craig Heyward, and he decided to follow after his late father as a football player.

Cameroon’s father was an NFL player, and, unsurprisingly, Cameroon has shown the same passion as his father.  Cameroon started playing in high school, and later when he joined Ohio State University, he continued his football career.

Pittsburg Steelers currently sign Cameroon on a four-year contract worth $65.6 million. He is considered a first-round talent, making him a wealthy person for the many deals.

The Personal Life of Cameroon Heyward

Cameroon Heyward is a married man and got married in 2013 to Allie. Allie was in the same University as Cameroon, and she was a volleyball player while Cameron was a football player. Cameroon and Allie met when they joined college; it was love at first sight. Cameroon would not stop looking at Allie, whom he started dating while on campus.

In 2012, Cameroon proposed to Allie, and a year later, they were married. Although Allie was into volleyball in college, she changed her career field and did not pursue volleyball later. Currently, she is a doctor for mental illness.

Cameroon and Allie got blessed with three children, two daughters, and a son. Cameroon seems to be enjoying fatherhood, and when he is away from football, he enjoys spending quality time with his daughters Chloe and Caia and his son Callen.