Catherine Eugenia Owens – Know Joe Biden’s Niece

Catherine Eugenia Owens

Catherine Eugenia Owens was born on May 12, 1983, in the United States to Valerie Barbara Owens and John Thomas Owens. Catherine has maintained a private lifestyle despite coming from a well-known political family. Due to high privacy, there are no records of her education or marriage, but let’s see more information we have about her!

Catherine Eugenia Owens’s Siblings

Catherine is a happy soul with two siblings. Cuffe Owens is the eldest sibling, and she has a sister famously recognized as Missy Owens, although her name is Valerie Owens. Cuffe Owens is a recognized attorney like his father, and he came into the limelight after his wedding and divorce rumors with Meghan King. Catherine Eugenia’s brother made his relationship with Meghan King public, and after two months, they got married in a small beautiful wedding of fifty guests.

Unfortunately, Cuffe Owens divorced shortly after getting married, and Meghan confirmed it. She expressed how bad it was. It never turned out the way they expected, but it was okay because life had to move on. Regarding the personal life of Catherine Owens’ sister, she has kept her information private, and there are no records of what she is currently doing.

Catherine Eugenia Owen’s Mother

Valerie Biden Owens is the mother of Catherine Eugenia, and she is a famous American political strategist and President Joe Biden’s younger sister. Previously, Catherine’s mother was an educator before she became a campaign manager, a position she was the first woman in America to hold.

The Early Life of Catherine Eugenia Owens ‘Mother

Catherine Eugenia’s mother was born to Catherine Eugenia Finnegan and Joseph Robinette Biden. Although their father was wealthy at first, he suffered a financial crisis later, and for many years, the family of Valerie had to live with their maternal grandparents.

Later, Valerie Biden’s father gained financial freedom and maintained his family’s lifestyle in the middle class. Valerie went to school, and she graduated from Ursuline Academy in 1963 and joined the University of Delaware.

After Catherine’s mother graduated in 1967, she started as a teacher at Wilmington Friends School before she ventured into politics. She served as the executive vice president of Joe Slade & Company from 1997 to 2016 and in the ministry of Caring for more than 35 years.

Moreover, Valerie Biden has worked with Women’s Campaign International to teach women how to develop political skills. Over the years, she has played considerable roles in the political career of his elder brother Joe Biden, the American President.

Personal Life of Valerie Biden Owens

After Catherine’s mother graduated from college, she married Bruce Saunders. Valerie and Bruce moved in with Joe Biden and his sons Hunter and Beau when Valerie’s sister-in-law Neil died in the 1972 car crash. When Joe Biden began his first term as a senator in 1973, Valerie looked after Biden’s sons.

Later, Valerie divorced Bruce, and she married Owens. Valerie never had any child from her first marriage. During her second marriage with Owens, she had three children. Valerie’s husband, Owens and Joe Bidens were friends in law school at Syracuse University.