Luz Elena Villa Corral, Personal Life and Net Worth

Luz Elena Villa Corral

Luz Elena Villa Corral is the daughter of Pancho Villa and Maria Luz Corral. They both contributed to the Mexican revolution (1910-1920).

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Personal Life

Luz Elena Villa Corral was born on February 25, 1912. Her birthplace is Chihuahua, Mexico.

Unfortunately, only after one year, she died in March 1913. No more information regarding her personal life has been made public yet.

Parents and Siblings

Pancho Villa and María Luz Corral are the parents of Luz Elena Villa Corral.

Maria Luz Corral, her mother, was born on July 2 1892 in San Andrés, Mexico. While her father, Pancho Villa was born on 5 June 1878 in La Coyotada, San Juan del Río, Durango, Mexico.

Maria and Pancho got married on May 29, 1911. They only had Luz Elena as their daughter before Pancho died on July 20, 1923.

So she does not have any siblings, however, Pancho Villa had a lot of other long-term affairs in his life. He had many children with several other women.

Micaela Arambula and Agustín Arango are Luz Elena’s grandparents.


Luz Elena Villa Corral was only an infant when she died so she did not have any kind of romantic relationship nor did she have any children.

Education and Profession

Luz Elena Villa Corral did not receive any education in her life for one year and she did not have any profession.

However, we do know that her father, Pancho Villa, went to a local church-run school when he was a kid. Unfortunately, he quit school after his father died so that he could help his mother and siblings.

Reasons for Luz Elena Villa Corral’s Popularity

Luz Elena Villa Corral is popular due to her parents. Her father Pancho Villa was a general in the Mexican Revolution. His real name was José Doroteo Arango Arámbula. He remains a revolutionary leader and a heroic figure for many Mexicans. Some of the battles that he won are, the Battle of San Andrés (1910 won), Battle of Santa Isabel (1910 won),

First Battle of Ciudad Juárez, with Pascual Orozco (1911 won), and many more. On 20 July 1923, this war hero was assassinated probably by Plutarco Elías Calles and President Alvaro Obregón, who were his political enemies.

Net Worth of Luz Elena Villa Corral

There is no information available regarding Luz Elena Villa Corral’s net worth. However, her father Pancho Villa was one of the richest war heroes whose net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.


We don’t know much about Luz Elena Villa Corral, as she lived only one year. However, we know that her parents made a great contribution to the Mexican Revolution, a 10 years of battle and bloody struggle to establish a constitutional republic. Her father served as the general and fought many battles. Pancho Villa also had various wives and affairs but Maria was the only wife who contributed to his political career.