Colby Isabella Burnett Rubulotta: Age, Siblings, Parents

Colby Isabella Burnett Rubulotta

Colby Isabella Burnett Rubulotta is the celebrity daughter of CNN journalist Erin Isabelle Burnett.

Colby’s mother anchors the television news program Erin Burnett Outfront. She has hosted the show from different borders, including Mali, Rwanda, United Arab Emirates, and Afghanistan. She has also reported for the program from Ukraine, Pakistan, and China. Before CNN, Erin worked for CNBC as Street Signs host and Squawk’s co-anchor on the Street. Erin filmed her documentaries and reports in India, Libya, Nigeria, Russia, UAE, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Although her daughter is only seven years old, her fans are still curious about her life. This article will shed more light on the life of Colby Isabella Burnett Rubulotta.

Colby Isabella Burnett Rubulotta Bio

Isabella Burnett is the seven-year-old daughter of Erin Burnett and David Rubulotta. She was born in 2015. Her grandparents are Ester Margaret Burnett and Kenneth King Burnett, a corporate attorney. Isabella is the second born of the couple’s three children. Her parents keep the children’s personal life details away from the media. Hence, little information is available about Isabella’s childhood so far. Since she is still young, we will update this page in case of any news in the future.

Colby Isabella Burnett Rubulotta Siblings

Colby has two siblings, both brothers. Her older brother Nyle Thomas Burnett Rubulotta was born in 2013, while her younger brother was born in 2018. The three children live under their parent’s roof, where they are cared for. Since they are all young, they can only enjoy the life their parents work hard to provide.

Colby Isabella Burnett’s Parents

David Rubulotta is an American professional stockbroker and manager. He currently serves as the Managing Director of Citibank. Born in 1973 in Pennsylvania, David is mostly recognized as the husband of Erin Burnett. He attended Villanova University for his Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Advertising. In 1993, David earned a master’s degree in Business Administration from Columbia University. With the help of his family, David managed to accomplish greatness as a manager and a stockbroker.

David is a pro-republican and heavily involved in politics. In 2009, he donated more than $3000 in support of Governor Christie’s Election. In 2016, he spent $2000 towards the Campaign Finances of the Republican Party.

David met his wife Erin in 2002 through a mutual friend, Nicola Lokko, who set up a blind date for them. They were in a relationship a year later, but it took eight years for David to propose to Erin. The couple married in December 2012 in New York Hall in a Christmas-themed wedding.

Erin studied at Williams College and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Economics. She worked as a Financial Analyst at Goldman and as vice president of Citimedia, but her goal was to be a host. Erin worked as a co-host of CNBC in Squawk on the Street before joining the CNN team. at CNN, she is the anchor of Outfront. Erin is also an entrepreneur and works with her husband.

She is a dedicated mother to her three children. Erin and her family live in New Jersey. The family owns an apartment in Upper West New York near Central Park.

Wrapping Up

Erin’s daughter is still young to choose a path to follow, so her parents ensure they keep her and her brother away from the cameras.