When to Call for Excavation Services: Signs Your Property Needs Work

When to Call for Excavation Services: Signs Your Property Needs Work

Some homeowners fix their homes on a budget by removing old wallpaper, updating exterior features, cleaning vinyl siding, reviving cabinets, and painting the outside and trim. On the other hand, some make improvements to increase the value of their home or make them look better. Still, many others ignore structural problems, leading to more expensive and inevitable repairs.

Even though most home improvements are expensive, they must be done at some point. If you think this is where your house is going, you need to determine if your house condition requires some digging. 

People usually picture bulldozers and backhoes digging holes in the ground when they think of excavation companies. Excavation is moving soil, dirt, or stones from one place to another. There is where Shilling Excavation comes to the scene. 

There are many different types of digging projects. But excavation companies can do a lot more than you might think. Here are possible signs that your property needs some excavation work.

Sagging or Uneven Floors

If your floors are uneven or appear to be sagging, bowing, or sinking, this could indicate a problem. When foundation issues damage pillar and beam foundations, feet tend to sag and creak.

The flooring on concrete slabs is prone to uneven or out of level. Slab foundations, on the other hand, are directly on the ground, but pier and beam foundations are not. While both may have issues with their flooring, Granite Trusted Foundation Services advises the indicators of deterioration are not the same.

Water Pressure Problems

Both the inside and outside of the pipes are affected by corrosion. Both rust can cause pressure loss in your pipes in pipes and silt buildup from hard water.

This happens slowly, so you probably won’t notice a sudden drop. Instead, changing the settings on your shower head may seem useless or make you feel like it is much worse than it was just a few years ago.

Roof Leakage

Roof leakage is never a good sign of health in your house. Finding one or two places that leak after a big storm is a sign of damage. Roof repair is an unavoidable cost that should be taken care of by the best professionals, who will do the job quickly.

Is the roof so bad that it can’t be fixed? If yes, the roof should be replaced by a professional roofer. However, you can replace a small part of your roof to fix the problem without spending much money.

Trouble Closing Doors and Windows

If you can’t close doors and windows around your house and they feel stuck, it could indicate a bigger problem than just the fixtures. Poor soil and bad weather can cause damage to your home’s foundation, which can also settle and move over time and show other signs of damage.

Any kind of gap around a door, window, wall, or floor is also a sign that the foundation has moved. They can let in water and bugs, which can cause more trouble.

Now that you are aware of what is wrong with your home’s foundation, the next step is to fix the damage. Even if it seems small right now, it will get worse the longer it goes on. Cracks will get bigger, the house will settle, and areas like uneven floors will become more unsafe for your family to be near. Fixing these problems could be a big, expensive job.

This is not the time to neglect the damage nor DIY your repairs. Let the professionals handle these issues and keep your home safe. Professional excavation services may be needed, especially if the problem is the foundation. 

When to Call for Excavation Services: Signs Your Property Needs Work

Companies that do excavation can do more than just dig up a property. Machines used in demolition and removal services are also often used in excavation projects. A company that does excavation can also help you turn off services and utilities before you start demolition.

If you intend to build a new home on the site of the demolished house, an excavation company can also help with the initial stages of construction. Working with a licensed excavation contractor, rather than dealing with separate project managers on demolition and excavation, can save you time and money because they can perform both services.

Excavation companies can do more than just move dirt from one place to another. They can help you plan your project and get the proper permits. Excavation companies can help homeowners and business owners tear down old buildings, fix drainage systems, or deliver and remove materials.

Do not try to do big projects by yourself. If you install something wrong or miss a critical step in the building, you will have to pay more to remedy your mistake. Hire a company that does excavation to make sure your construction is safe.