5 Things You Can Do with Shopify Product Descriptions to Help SEO

If you have a Shopify store, you know that product descriptions are important. Customers want to know what they are buying before they put an item in their basket. You have to describe the item and what it can do, as well as list any specifications people would want to know.

But, some business owners are not utilising Shopify product descriptions to their fullest. Not only can they help customers, but they are also good for Google. Indeed, there are many things you can do with your production descriptions that can assist your SEO strategy. Let’s take a look at five changes you can make that can help to boost your Google ranking.

Use Keywords

Something you definitely want to be doing in your product descriptions is including keywords. Indeed, this is important for SEO, letting Google know what a page is about, as well as allowing the page to appear on search pages to the right users. So, do some research to find the best keywords to use on product descriptions.

Something you want to be careful of is keyword stuffing. In other words, you are going overboard with the number of keywords you use. Choose one or two to target, depending on how long the description is. Use them sparingly and when it is natural to do so. Always do your research to find the best keywords to rank for.

If you find that you have a lot of product descriptions you need to adjust your Shopify store, know that there are experts that can help you. This can save you a lot of time and ensure you go down the right track with optimisation. For example, you can use SEO services to help you grow your Shopify store. Part of this process is going to be optimising the product descriptions and ensuring they help with your website’s visibility.

Write For People

You have come to this post to right to find tricks and tips to help your products rank higher on Google. Yes, there are things you can do to increase your ranking, such as the points we have already discussed. But, something you cannot forget to do is write for people to read. Your product description is important, and it is not just about optimisation and writing for search engines.

Indeed, you want to write for people. This is the opportunity to sell the product and tell customers why they need it in their lives. You should also discuss the highlights and benefits of this product and certain features it has. Improving overall user experience is going to help increase conversions, as well as improve your ranking.

Ensure Unique Content

If you have a lot of similar products, you might be tempted to copy the descriptions for each one. After all, they have the same features and specifications, right? This might seem like the quick and easy thing to do. But, you do not want to have duplicate content for SEO purposes. Plus, you are wasting an opportunity to optimise your page.

So, another thing you want to do is prioritise unique content for each product description. Yes, it can take longer to create them. But, in the long run, this is going to be better for discovery on search engine results pages.

Talk About the Benefits

We have mentioned that you want to write your product descriptions for people. This is not just something for Google. Well, something you definitely want to do is mention the benefits of the products in these descriptions. Yes, discussing features can be an element. But, this is something that they can find out from the brand itself or the manufacturer’s content. Instead, you want to focus on talking about benefits and how you are able to help with a site. This is also going to help when it comes to creating unique content and not features that are mentioned elsewhere on the internet.

Ensure Fast-Loading Pages

Something else you want to pay attention to when it comes to product descriptions is the page itself. How fast does the page load when a customer wants to find out more about a product you are selling? It is important that you know the answer to this question. If your pages are loading too slowly, people are not going to stick around. Apart from fast-loading pages, also ensure that the product pages fully adhere to web accessibility standards as defined by the US federal government. This not only helps you get more visitors, prospects, and customers but also saves your company from potential lawsuits filed by users with disabilities. Here, you can consult with experts like “Accessibility Spark” that can assist in ADA & WCAG compliance implementation.

So, make sure that your Shopify product pages are fast and immediate to load. This is something that is going to make a difference in user experience, as well as help with ranking on Google.