What’s trending in women’s golf apparel?


You already know what’s coming. Women’s pleated skirts, ribbon shoelaces, and all-white sneakers and visors are just some of the golf classics you’ve come to expect across golf fashion. Regardless of the changes in fashion that have occurred over the years, some classics remain the same because they’re simply quintessential.

Today’s ideal looks in the golf world are what they always have been. Polos, khakis, high-kneed socks, golfing shoes, and trendy accessories that tie these outfits together, you can name it all. For women wanting to showcase more personality, classic silk scarf sets are even available, but now in customized formats to speak to personal style.

Trending in women’s golf apparel are the classic looks you’ve learned to associate with golf fashion. However aesthetically pleasing these staples are, a new, fresh take on traditional golf looks is now desired across mainstream golf fashion. Take a look at trending looks like those from Fair Liar to get a feel for this season’s hottest women’s golf apparel.

Pleated Golf Skirts

First off in modern women’s golf attire is the classic, white pleated skirt. Available in neutral colors, muted blues, and pastel purple, pleated golf skirts are a golf fashion staple that has only become trendier as the years have passed. In addition to the classics, like white, khaki, and navy blue, you can now find women’s golf apparel skirts in a variety of colors, including beige, pink, and patterns like gray stripes and tweed. Add a twist to this classic skirt by showcasing your style in a new color.

Flexible Golf Pants

Gone are the days of stiff, itchy, and unmovable golf pants. Now, you can look great and feel comfortable as you play. Many of today’s golf pants for women are made with sweat-resistant fabrics with stretchiness that allows you to perform your best on the golf course and still look your best in the process. Choose from classic women’s golf apparel shades like navy and black, or try something entirely new, like detailed heather gray jogger pants.

Women’s Golf Apparel: Shorts

If shorts are more your style, check out the mid-length striped shorts available across luxury women’s golf apparel brands. With a length slightly above the standard Bermuda shorts, you get the perfect all-weather shorts for your golfing days. Choose from a range of colors and patterns to find the shorts that reflect your style.

Sleeveless Collared Shirts

Sleeveless collared golf shirts have been around forever but never like this. Spot this original style with additional fabric layers to create a slightly bohemian aesthetic on top of the traditional golf shirt. Options for this look include sleeveless collared shirts with wrapped fabrics and built-in silk scarves. These added features bring a little newness to this traditional top.

V-neck Ribbed Cardigan

The sophisticated cardigan worn on and off the golf course is only getting more popular. You can purchase these cardigans in two tones, such as a white base with a light green inner layer. There are so many options to choose from; you’ll have no trouble finding a golf cardigan that reflects your style.

Modern Wind Jumpers

Wind jumpers have always been a go-to jacket for windy days outside. Whether on the golf course or elsewhere, these jackets are great for reducing the intensity of wind against your frame and keeping you warm. Today, you can find wind jumpers in modern colors like pink coral for golfing days. Express your unique style while staying true to the traditional golf attire staples you’ve worn forever.

Hip Sack Accessories

Dress your best with a punching hip sack to accessorize your look for every golf game. With women’s golf apparel, accessories like a punching hip sack include a detachable back, so you can wear it as you please. Match your hip sack with any golfing look you put together, as eco-leather shades go perfectly with any look and color theme.

Elevating Your Look And Game

What’s trending in women’s golf apparel today? The classics, as always! Whether you want more of the traditional aesthetic or to make it uniquely your own, today’s women’s golf apparel can do it all. Take your pick and elevate your game this year with these golf fashion must-haves.