What to Do After a Dog Bite Attack in Detroit: A Step-by-Step Guide


As a Detroit resident, a dog bite is not something you think about that often unless you live around and interact with feisty dog breeds on a daily. You don’t walk around thinking you might get a not-so-friendly bite from our furry friends, do you?

However, you’ll be shocked to know that Detroit, and by extension Michigan, consistently ranks among the top 10 locations in the country with the highest number of dog bites every year. Take for instance 2023 when not less than 50 dog bites were recorded every month with over 120 dog bites in the months of May and September according to Detroit Animal Control (DAC) metrics.

So, yes, you are more likely to get a dog bite in Detroit than a car accident, more so if you work for the postal service, frequent public parks on foot or do door-to-door deliveries. So what should you do if you get a dog bite in Detroit? Should find the best dog bite lawyer Detroit has to offer first or report to the local police? Read on to learn this and more about dog bites in Detroit.

Do These 3 Things After A Dog Bite in Detroit

There are three important things you must do should ever be the unlucky victim of a dog bite in Detroit:

Get Treated First! Get Medical Attention

The very first thing you must do if you ever get bitten by any dog anywhere in Detroit is to seek medical attention as your safety and health is paramount. It does not matter if it is a small dog bite, any open wound caused by an animal can cause serious complications and infections later on. Remember, at this point, you have no idea if the dog was vaccinated, is infected, or the extent of your injuries.

Depending on the severity of the dog bite and the dog breed that attacked you, you can choose to call an ambulance and go straight to the ER or drive yourself to the ER. Some large dog breeds like pit bulls and German Shepherds can deliver vicious and life-threatening bites to sensitive areas like your neck, and face or damage major blood vessels on your limbs that could cause you to bleed out!

When you visit the hospital, the doctor or healthcare provider will clean your dog bite wound thoroughly, stitch it if necessary, provide you with medication, and make a report of your injuries. Apart from the treatment and care you get; you need the records as you will use them as evidence later when you sue for compensation and or legal action.

Make A Report of The Dog Bite

After you have received your dog bite treatment and are no longer in danger, the next thing you should do is report the incident to local authorities- which is mostly the local police department or Detroit’s Animal Control Division.

When you file the report with these agencies, make sure you provide all the details about the incident and present the medical report too. Some of the details you should provide include:

  • Location of the dog bite incident
  • The breed of dog that bit you
  • Events leading to the dog bite
  • The owner of the dog if you have that information
  • Statements from witnesses if there were any (could be family members or people passing by)

You can move to the next step if you do not have the dog owner’s details.

How to Identify the Dog Owner After a Dog Bite

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your dog bite, sometimes you may not have had the chance or time to identify the owner of the dog. For this reason, you may need to do some investigation after the incident to identify them to build your case. However, you’ll need to prioritize your safety to prevent a repeat of the incident or escalate the issue further/.

Start by asking witnesses or sending your personal injury lawyer to do the investigation for you. If you were bitten in a private neighborhood (say you were a delivery driver) find the address as that will help you identify the owner. If there is no hostility between you and the owner and you feel safe, you can talk to them about the incident and get their details.

If the dog was wearing a collar and you identified it during the incident, note it down and keep that information for your case. In some, instances, you may need the help of an expert like private investigator or police at the station to get the information you need.

Talk to your Dog Bite Lawyer

After gathering the information, you need, it is advisable to talk to a dog bite lawyer in Detroit so you can get justice. Lawyers who specialize in dog bites and personal injury cases can help you investigate your case, register a lawsuit, represent you in court or negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf so you get compensated. All the best!