How to Build and Install a Polycarbonate Greenhouse


The process of building and installing a polycarbonate greenhouse can appear to be complex. However, with the right tools, guidance and patience you can successfully complete such a project yourself. This article will highlight the step-by-step procedures that everyone can follow in building and installing a polycarbonate greenhouse.

Site Selection

The initial step in the process is identifying the ideal place to locate your greenhouse. The site should access ample sunlight all day long, especially in winter seasons. A site facing the east is at the advantage of direct contact with the morning sun, a great vitamin D source for your plants.

Ensure your site has access to water and electricity, as these are necessary inputs for running a greenhouse.

Ground Preparation

Once you have the perfect site, you will need to set the ground ready for the project. You might need to clear any debris, cut any weeds and even level the ground. Depending on the type of plants you want to grow in the greenhouse, you might need to lay a few foundations as well. In most cases, a few simple wooden frames with gravel compacting should be enough to set your foundation. Any work done on the foundation is worth it, as it will ensure your greenhouse stands strong for years to come.

Layout Planning

Before beginning the actual construction, invest some time in planning the layout for your greenhouse. You need to ascertain where the doors and vents will be, as well as their sizes. Additionally, you will have to ascertain the height of the ceilings and how the polycarbonate sheets will be oriented. It is only by proper planning that you can maximize the light exposure, air circulation and plant spacing in your greenhouse.

Building the frame

The building work starts here. Most polycarbonate kits come with all required components such as the frames, polycarbonate sheets and any other necessary hardware. Use the instructions provided in the kit to properly assemble the frames. Although this is often a one-man job, an extra hand will go a long way.

Polycarbonate Sheets Installation

After the frames are ready, it is time to install the polycarbonate sheets. During installation, you get to enjoy most of the polycarbonate’s unique features, especially ease of carriage.

Fit the sheets perfectly on the frame as explained in the manual. You might have to get some gloves to avoid any scratches.

Add the Finishing Touches

Your structure is now complete. Go ahead and install the doors, attach the vents, and add any other features of your liking. Once you are done with that, give your greenhouse a once-over to ensure all is set.

If you follow those six steps carefully, your polycarbonate greenhouse should be set for planting. How well you install the greenhouse will depend on how well you follow the kit manual.

Maintaining the Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Although maintaining a polycarbonate greenhouse is pretty simple, there are some regular tasks you will need to perform regularly to ensure the greenhouse maintains its good condition.

One of the tasks is cleaning. Your greenhouse will accumulate some dirt and grime over time, which might end up limiting the light getting into your greenhouse. For cleaning, just use a mild soap solution and sponge to wipe gently. Avoid any abrasive material or chemicals.

Another important maintenance aspect is continuous inspection. You want to identify any sign of damage or wear and tear early enough. Although polycarbonate sheets are extremely durable, their extended life will depend on how well you take care of your greenhouse. Ensure you check the seals around the greenhouse’s doors, check the functionality of the vents, and look out for any scratches or cracks on the sheets.

Finally, take care of the greenhouse interiors. Ensure the temperature and humidity levels are at the right levels as your plants’ health largely depends on them. In some instances, you might have to install additional vents and heating systems to uphold the optimal conditions.


A properly maintained greenhouse will not only maintain its great shape for longer but will also provide the right environment for your plants’ growth.