What Is the Most Profitable Way to Sell My House? Top Strategies


Homeowners looking to make the most money from selling their houses should make data-backed decisions. Such decisions can be influenced by multiple factors, including the timing, the deadline, the property’s condition, the budget available to upgrade, remodel, or renovate the property, and more.

Homeowners looking to sell their properties in their current state without investing much can benefit from selling as-is to cash home buyers. FL Cash Home Buyers are Jacksonville home buyers who offer such services and are able to close home sale deals in days or weeks. Alternatively, those looking to make the most money for their investment can consider the traditional way of selling their home.

In this article, we explore the profitable decisions to make when selling your property.

Selling As-Is Profitably

Selling your home as-is allows you to save money on cleaning, remodeling, upgrading, and even renovation costs. As per, this is a great decision to make for homeowners who have inherited properties, bad tenants, or those facing financially damning situations that require immediate bailouts.

Cash home buyers offer homeowners a chance to choose when the deal is closed, an important consideration for people looking to upgrade or downgrade their living situation, those involved in a divorce, or those relocating for any reason.

Below are recommendations for making the most profit from your home sale to cash house buyers.

1. Research Cash Home Buyers

Researching cash home buyers around you gives you a chance to learn more about each company, how they pay, and what they pay. There’s a huge chance that you’ll find plenty of online reviews, warnings, or endorsements from past homeowners who have also sold their properties to those companies.

By researching, you can pick out the companies with the best reviews in terms of fair price offers, great customer service, quick deal closing advantage, and other priority considerations.

2. Contact Multiple Cash Home Buyers

It’s not enough to read great reviews; you should go the extra mile to contact each of these companies to indicate your willingness to sell. Most cash home buyers allow you to fill out a web form about your property to request a callback. You can also contact them via phone to discuss your home sale and schedule an inspection.

3. Receive and Sort Quotes

Most cash home buyers inspect properties before making an offer. Once the inspection is completed, review the quotes from different buyers and consider re-negotiating based on your estimation of your home’s value. Ensure that you are negotiating for a reasonable price.

4. Ask Questions and Close the Deal

Once you’re happy with one or two offers, ask questions about the costs to be deducted from the final offer price. Most cash home buyers are able to offer waivers for common costs like closing fees and commissions. Consider the impact of the waived fees and necessary fees on your final payout to decide.

Selling Profitably With a Realtor

Selling your home through a realtor is the traditional way to sell a home. To get the most money from your sale, here are steps to take.

1. Find a Trusted Real Estate Agent

Finding a trusted real estate agent can be easy or challenging, depending on your location and how familiar you are with people. Start by asking for recommendations, then vet each real estate agent or company for years of experience, reputation, and portfolio.

2. Invest In Your Property

Most real estate agents will encourage you to invest in your property before selling it. This is done to improve the property’s appeal and appearance while creating a sense of ownership for the potential buyer.

While remodeling and upgrades are great, ensure that you have carefully considered the impact of those investments on the final price of your property. It’s always best to invest more in higher ROI upgrades like windows for energy efficiency, bathroom and kitchen remodels, landscaping, and new paint.

You may leave minor repairs undone as these may not necessarily increase your home’s final price and are minor enough for the buyer to shoulder.

3. Inspect, List, and Stage Your Home

With the upgrades and remodels done, now is the time to get a pre-listing inspection. The pre-listing inspection gives you an idea of what’s left to do and whether they are worth doing. Once done, get the right marketing materials, including photography and videography. You can then proceed to list your property on MLS websites with help from your realtor.

Your realtor will collect a list of interested buyers, show them the property, and handle the entire process.

4. Accept Offer and Close the Deal

Deal closing signifies that you’ve found a favorable offer and are willing to sell. Your realtor will facilitate the entire paperwork to ensure title transfer and payments. They will also deduct any administrative fees, highlight important deductions like taxes, and more.