Curious About Backup Generator Services? Here’s What You Need to Know


Are you wondering how to secure your home or business during a power outage? Chances are, backup generator services have crossed your mind, and for a good reason. Having the right power source in place makes all the difference during a costly outage – but what should you look for when choosing one that’s right for you? If you’ve ever felt uncertain about which generator service will best encompass your needs, visit wiredsc.com/backup-generators/. The company provides a comprehensive range of services for all types of generators.

Before delving into the specifics of generator service, understanding what a generator is and why it is necessary is essential.

What Is A Backup Generator?

A backup generator is a standby power source that kicks in when the grid fails. They come with different fuel systems. From those that use gasoline, or diesel, to those using propane as a fuel source. Thus to keep essential appliances, like lights and refrigerators, running during an outage, having the right backup generator in place is critical.

Several models are available, from whole-house generators designed for larger homes to portable models for smaller dwellings. A reliable backup generator is vital for keeping your property running during an outage.

What Are Backup Generator Services?

Installing a backup generator is only part of the process. For uninterrupted power, you will need to invest in generator services to keep it in top condition. These maintenance plans are available from various providers who usually perform them twice annually.

Now let us look at the services usually included in such maintenance plans.

What Services Are Included?

The maintenance plan typically includes basic preventive maintenance services involving minor or major repairs if necessary. Outlined below are some of the services included in most plans:

  • Electrical testing and inspections– Your contracted technician will review the wiring and test your generator for any electrical issues, such as loose connections or faulty wiring.
  • Oil changes– the mechanical system of generators consist of moving parts that must be lubricated to prevent wear and tear. That is why regular oil changes ensure the generator’s longevity and performance.
  • Filter changes– filters trap dirt and debris from entering the generator’s fuel system. Consequently, changing them ensures that your generator remains free of contaminants.
  • Fluid top-ups– Besides oil, your generator requires other fluids, such as coolants, to run smoothly. Again, your service technician will top up these fluids as part of the preventive maintenance plan.
  • Offload run test– An offload run test is necessary to ensure your generator will kick in when needed. The technician then runs there generator for about an hour to ensure it runs efficiently before switching it off.

Other services

Besides the services above, other services available include the following

  • Emergency Call Out– When a sudden power outage strikes, you expect your generator to kick in and provide power immediately. But what if it does not? That’s why opting for emergency call-out services is necessary to ensure technicians are at hand to repair any technical faults. Providers usually have 4-hour, 8-hour, and 12-hour response times.
  • Generator Load Bank Testing– to test your generator’s capacity to perform as stipulated during an outage, load bank testing is recommended. Here, technicians use a load bank composed of resistive or reactive loads to simulate the load of real-world appliances. A testing duration of 1 hour at 100% of your generator’s rated capacity is sufficient.
  • Generator Fuel Polishing– Using advanced levels of filtration, fuel polishing helps to remove any contaminants and deposits from the generator’s fuel. This process helps prevent fuel system damage, as well as breakdowns. Thus, it helps to extend the unit’s useful life.

By understanding what backup generator services are and their benefits, property owners can rest

Besides generators, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are also good backup power sources. These systems filter and provide clean, reliable power for electronic equipment like computers and servers in commercial settings.

A UPS also requires maintenance services, such as regular battery tests, to ensure it works properly.

Backup generator services are essential for keeping generators running smoothly and ensuring that vital appliances are always powered. To maximize the performance of your generator, investing in preventive maintenance plans that include electrical testing, oil changes, fluid top-ups, and offload run tests is prudent. Emergency call-out services and fuel polishing can also help to keep your generator in top condition. Do not let a power outage come as a surprise. Invest in the right backup generator services today!