What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are customized to provide website owners with a single, personal hosting service, sort of like a small computer only you can access. The user has absolute administrative rights over that server and is responsible for its entire operation, including maintenance, security, and resource management.

If this is still too much to manage, IT support companies such as Senroc Technologies, Support Ninja, or  CleanPath exist to assist you with managing your dedicated servers while allowing you to maintain your administrative rights and ownership. 

This type of server offers several benefits over shared hosting, including greater security and business continuity, lower risk of downtime, and higher performance as the user does not have to compete for resources with others.

How Does a Dedicated Server Work?

The dedicated server is connected to the internet via the host’s larger internet structure which is powered and backed up by an industry-size electricity generator.

After leasing the machine, you gain access to the internet data center’s resources, air conditioning, and electricity, and have an element of control over your allocation. This allows you to decide who can access the server, which port is open, the kind of service your server runs, what program environments are permitted, and steps to take when things go south.

As good as a dedicated server may sound, you can only enjoy it if you have basic technical knowledge, especially the ability to configure and handle the server. This is important because you are now responsible for the entire Syslog server operation after buying or renting it.

Benefits of Having a Dedicated Server

There are a host of benefits to having your own dedicated server. Businesses and individuals can use them for a variety of applications and websites that require a large number of server resources. 

Here are some of the exciting benefits you can enjoy with your own dedicated server:

  • Increased Security and Privacy – You are the only user on the server and have full control over the security of your sensitive data, making it possible to provide the ultimate security measures to protect your information.

  • Better Performance and Capacity – Because you don’t have to share server resources with data competition, your server will have the freedom to easily manage your website’s traffic and improve page loading times.

  • Ultimate Control – A dedicated server gives you the freedom to modify it according to your specifications. You can install the software of your choice, create different user profiles, and determine the best defense strategy to shield your data from potential cyber-attacks.

  • Versatility – This type of server gives you the unique ability to experiment with new things without suffering the consequences that arise from tweaking somebody else’s server. What’s more – all you have to do is switch off your dedicated server and switch it on again and everything is back to normal.

Types of Dedicated Servers

When you are in the market for a personal server, there are some different options to consider depending on what your intentions are regarding its usage

VPS Dedicated Servers 

Virtual private servers (VPS) are servers dedicated to a single user or organization. VPS dedicated servers are the most popular type of dedicated server option, a basic option that allows you to work without the pitfalls that come from using a shared server. Due to their popularity, you will hardly find yourself sacrificing your budget for VPS quality. Seeking out even the cheapest VPS will still yield lots of qualified and highly-rated providers. 

Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Bare metal dedicated servers are similar to VPS dedicated servers, but they give you complete administrative control over the hardware. This means you are fully responsible for managing and monitoring this equipment in the data center.

Co-lo Dedicated Servers

These servers are hosted in a public data center. You’re responsible for managing the hardware and software on the physical server, but you don’t have physical access to it.

Hybrid Dedicated Servers 

This type of hosting combines the cost-effective benefits of shared hosting with the high performance and scalability of dedicated hosting. Hybrid dedicated hosting allows you to use a single server to host multiple websites, apps, and services.

Which Server Type is Best for You?

When shopping for dedicated servers, you have to choose a VPS or bare metal option. While VPS dedicated servers are the most common, bare-metal dedicated servers are a better option for businesses that require high-performance computing. 

Before making this important decision, you should ensure that the type of server you select meets your personal technical requirements. It’s also a good idea to consider the dedicated server solution’s flexibility, the solution’s cost-effectiveness, and your hosting provider’s reliability.

When shopping for a dedicated server, there are also a few personal questions you should ask yourself that may be important in influencing your decision:

  • Budget – How much do you have to spend on the server?
  • Technical Requirements – What software and apps will you be hosting on the server? What kind of resources do they require? 
  • Server Location – Where are the servers located? Do you prefer to host your server closer to home (in your region), or would you choose to host it in a different region? 
  • Server Type – What type of server type do you need? Are you hosting a single application or multiple applications?
  • Server Host – Do you have a hosting provider in mind or do you need to research to find the best option? What customer support does the hosting provider offer? Are there any additional costs associated with the server?
  • Dedicated Server Contract – Do you know what type of server contract you want?
  • Dedicated Server Reviews – Have you evaluated potential server reviews to analyze how their customers feel about the product? 

The Bottom Line

Dedicated servers are a great solution for both businesses and individuals who require a lot of computing power and want to host their websites or applications on their servers.

Unlike shared servers, dedicated servers provide more security and resources, as they aren’t used to host multiple websites or applications. This allows for personal projects to enjoy less congestion, better functionality, and less downtime, among other benefits.

When shopping for a dedicated server, you should consider your budget, technical requirements, server location, server type, hosting provider, and the type of contract you want to sign. 

No matter what project you have, there is a dedicated server available that meets your needs and fits your budget, and you can get it up and running in no time.