Price Overview in Palm Jumeirah; How Much Do Properties cost?

Do Properties cost

On the coast of the Arabian Sea lies one of the most beautiful and classy islands on the surface of the earth; Palm Jumeirah. Some call the palms one of the biggest artificial islands known to man. 

According to AX Capital, it is a unique and famous island known for its look. Built-in the shape of a palm tree on the surface of an artificial sea. The Palms is a community that offers excellent luxury to residents. The beauty is one of a kind, offering residents and visitors a view of the sea right from their windows. 

Experience the pride of Palm Jumeirah

The pride of Palm Jumeirah is its exceptional assembly of:

  • Luxurious villas;
  • Towers;
  • Hotels;
  • Facilities.

All of these is just to give every resident everything needed to live in class and its visitors an experience they may not have seen before. 

Before discussing the cost of flats in Palm Jumeirah, the fascinating cost of building and developing Palm Jumeirah is over 12 billion dollars (a whopping sum of money no doubt). 

When the prize is high, one would expect the price to be high too. Creating such a landscape was not something that would be inexpensive or cheap, so the world expected it would be pricey. 

What You Will Get from the Palm Jumeirah

The development provides outdoor activities, great views, and a sweet life comparable to one in paradise. Yes Palm Jumeirah is a man made paradise. Palm Jumeirah has a very efficient transportation system linking the island to the mainland. Hence, it is easy for residents and visitors to move both in and out of the island. 

The island provides world-class hotels, beautiful restaurants, and many outdoor activities that are all you need as a resident or visitor for your enjoyment needs on the island. The community can be proud of being home to: 

  • beautiful beaches;
  • water parks;
  • aquariums;
  • other unique and fun-filled structures. 


The properties in Palm Jumeirah feature various classy facilities and apartments. Some of which include hotels, restaurants, and residential villas. This arrangement gives a beautiful view for anyone who gets to view the island from above and for those who can view it from the side and inside view. These residences are highly recommended by users, visitors, and residents alike. They contain townhouses, villas, and penthouses. The bedrooms are spacious, and there is a wide range of penthouses and villa options, all for you to pick from for acquisition. 

Having the prestige of getting an apartment on such a luxurious and classy island comes with its cost. Though expensive to some is affordable when compared to the level of class and luxury attached to the ownership and residence. 

What price to Expect for Properties on the Palm

Generally, whenever you consider acquiring a property in Palm Jumeirah, whether for residential or commercial purposes, the idea of the costs of flats in Palm Jumeirah will give you a head start on what to expect. The prices of villas on the Palm vary, depending on some factors. The more the prestige and investments dispensed on the property, the more the cost.

However, generally, the price ranges from AED 1,700,000 to AED 14,500,000. The prices depend on a couple of attributes, property management, luxurious facilities such as:

  • swimming pools;
  • gyms;
  • gardens;
  • barbecue stands;
  • state-of-the-art kitchens;
  • sizes of the villas.

With the high popularity of the location and high demand, the cost of flats in palm Jumeirah starts from AED 700,000 to AED 2,500,000. Buying flats in this location is a great advantage as the area constantly has visitors and people who want a place to reside. This would create a great gift if the flats were bought for commercial purposes and, of course, is an opportunity to enjoy all the luxury for yourself with your family and loved ones.


Investors should try to weigh the total cost of their intended purchases, the magnitude of maintenance it would require, and their plan for recouping the monies that went into its purchase.

Experts advice that the resale value, or the suitability of a flat for tourist occupiers should also be on the fore of considerations when investing in properties on the Palm. Do not purchase unnecessary superflous units that do not offer maximum comfort for tourists at a reasonable price or it may be difficult closing lease deals.