What Areas to Concentrate on to Resist an Aging Face

Areas to Concentrate on to Resist an Aging Face

As people age, we develop fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging on our faces, around our eyes, and on our necks. Fortunately, skincare companies have created serums, creams, and concentrates to help combat the signs of an aging face. This article explains what types of products will help with different areas of the face.


Eyes are one of the first places to get wrinkles. When we squint or laugh, wrinkles and lines slowly form over time at the corners of our eyes. You can use eye creams and serums with high-quality ingredients to help shrink those lines.

Eye Cream

The eye cream you use should use a lightweight formula with ingredients like zinc and copper. These ingredients work well on delicate skin as well as firm up the sensitive areas around the eyes.

You just use your finger to apply the cream in dots under the eyes and gently smooth it in after cleansing. You can use it one to two times each day to get the best results. A lightweight formula won’t weigh the skin down or feel heavy.

After using eye cream, the skin becomes smoother, with the rough texture less noticeable. Skin becomes firmer, with fewer lines, within about two weeks of use.

Eye Serum

You can pair an eye cream with an eye serum for even better results. A serum with a rollerball tip provides a light touch for the delicate area around the eyes. Eye serum containing caffeine can even help to reduce puffiness under eyes.

You can use this product twice a day after cleansing, along with the cream. Just roll it gently along the under-eye area and along the outside of the eyes.


Over time, face skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag. You can use a facial serum to help tighten up the skin and improve the elasticity of your face. A serum helps you retain a youthful appearance with low effort.

Facial Serum

Elastin is depleted with age and is often made worse by exposure to the sun. You’ll notice sagging skin and a crepey appearance. Facial serum is perfect to combat these effects. This type of product is safe to use alongside an eye cream and eye serum. It helps to prevent sagging and encourages firmer skin. Serum with ingredients like malonate, copper, and zinc fight the signs of aging.

This facial serum comes in a pump for easy application. Just use two or three pumps each morning and evening after cleansing your face and before using a moisturizer. Impressive results from the serum include having less crepey skin, with skin appearing firmer and having more elasticity.


Sometimes people forget to pay attention to the neck and neckline, but these areas can experience issues with wrinkles and sagging skin as well. Something like a neck and decollete concentrate can help fight the effects of aging on your neck and chest area.

Neck and Décolleté Concentrate

This product complements the improvement of your face by working on your neck and upper chest. Many women will work to improve the appearance of their facial skin without thinking about how the neck and chest can show aging as well. A concentrate that utilizes natural minerals along with retinoids and arbutin work on essentially erasing the signs of aging for these areas of delicate skin.

The concentrate improves elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles of the neck and chest while also improving sagging and crepiness. A roller tip provides soothing pressure as it applies the formula from the upper chest up to the jawbone and under the chin.

It doesn’t take long to see results with a neck and chest concentrate. Keep using the product and you should see results within a couple of months. Include it as part of your daily skincare regimen to help reduce the signs of aging.

Innovative Skincare

These days, skincare has really become innovative. There are products available for all skin types and skin tones. You can go to stores and find creams, serums, and concentrates that work for dry, sensitive, oily, and normal skin as well as all shades of dark and light skin. There really is something for everyone.

When looking for the right skincare products for your routine, make sure to look at the ingredients in each product. A company that is upfront about what ingredients they include is one that you can trust. Everything in the product should work to benefit your skin. They should be backed by science and skin experts like dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. The focus of these products is to prevent signs of aging and to help you maintain healthy skin that is more youthful looking.

It’s never too late or too soon to care for your skin. Whether you want to resist the effects of aging or you are dissatisfied with how your skin looks, there is a product to help you. If you are unsure of what kind of product to use to give you the best results, consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional.