BMW Tuning: A Guide on Wheel Upgrades

BMW Tuning

Wider, bigger wheels are part of BMW tuning for better performance and a beefier look. Wheel upgrades allow drivers to maintain the right alignment angles and geometry for great performance on the street or track. If you are searching for an easy way to improve braking, traction, and handling, upgrading wheels is the best option. Here is a guide on wheel upgrades when it comes to BMW tuning to increase your vehicle’s performance:

Benefits of BMW Wheel Upgrades

Wheel upgrades help to improve the overall design of your BMW. Upgrading to bigger alloy wheels gives your vehicle a sportier look. Below are some benefits of BMW wheel upgrades:

Improved Traction and Grip

The tracks of wide and large tires usually come with more rubber. Such wheels make great contact on the road, providing better traction and grip. Thinner and bigger wheels also provide better car handling on snow.

Most drivers are okay with paying more to get a slightly bumpier ride. Modifying your wheels help your car recover faster from road bumps, which helps maintain grip.

Improved Cornering

Upgrading your BMW wheels with bigger ones will result in stiffer sidewalls, wider thread, and more road contact. Such attributes show that large-size wheels lead to better handling and cornering.

Lighter rims lower the unsprung mass of your vehicle. Your steering will be more responsive. Lighter, bigger wheels have limited inertia, making them turn much easier than heavy wheels.

Better Braking

BMWs with big rims grip well on the road since they have better contact patches. Installing large-size tires that are not too soft or too hard will reduce the braking distance, providing you with fair performance.

Upgrading to larger stock rims with a more open design help provide your brakes with more cooling. Cooler brakes lead to improved braking performance. You can easily make hard stops when ferrying passengers before the brakes begin to fade.

Tips for Selecting the Right Aftermarket Wheels for Your BMW

A wheel impacts your BMW’s safety, ride comfort, and handling. If you want to change or upsize the wheels on your BMW, consider the following:

Check the Diameter

Only choose wheels above the standard total diameter when upgrading your BMW. Upsizing too much may lead to problems with the handling and ride balance. The result can be damage to the suspension components and wheel arches.

Wider wheels increase grip increasing the ride quality and stability of your vehicle. For safety reasons, the width must not go above the wheel arch. If it does, the tire will graze the wheel’s arch when turning.

Don’t Go Above the Recommended Size

Extremely large wheels will increase steering effort, affect fuel efficiency, and reduce your vehicle’s top speed. Choose wheels with a large rim and a smaller sidewall. Less sidewall flex will increase the cornering grip.

When upgrading, stay within the recommended size for maximum performance and safety on the road. The sidewall height needs to go down if you want wider tires.

Check the weight of the wheels against the factory wheel weights. Several kilos may not seem a lot but have an impact on handling. It’s best to minimize the weight as much as possible.

Purchase From Reputable Retailers

Finding a reputable aftermarket wheel wholesaler can take time, with many models, specifications, and makes to select from. Don’t choose the cheapest wheels in the market. Look for a licensed distributor with a good track record of selling name-brand standards-approved wheels.

Avoid Stretching It

When fitting wheels of a larger diameter, most car enthusiasts increase the width of the tire and wheel. They usually go several inches above in diameter than recommended, which is unsafe.

Fixing excessively wide wheels, enveloped with smaller tires than wheel manufacturers recommended, is dangerous. Overstretching will compromise structural strength and increases the likelihood of a sudden blowout.

Find the Best Dealer of BMW Tuning for Wheel Upgrades

Wheels improve the safety of your BMW and are a symbol of pride and status. Look for a dealer with wheel upgrades that enhance your BMW tuning by improving your vehicle’s handling and ride characteristics.

Conduct research well to find a size that matches your requirements. The best dealer will recommend the best wheels for upsizing your BMW to improve ride quality.