The Town Of Hurstville, Sydney’s Most Unique Suburb


Australia is a big country with no shortage of exciting places to explore! Sure, everybody knows to go visit Ayer’s Rock and the Sydney Opera House, but there is so much more to see and do on this amazing island continent! One of the best-hidden corners of New South Whales is the town of Hurstville, just 16 kilometres south of Greater Sydney, but a world away when it comes to its unique atmosphere. Hurstville’s population happens to be made up of 37% Chinese who immigrated there from mainland China, earning it the nickname of Sydney’s real Chinatown! Let’s take a stroll around this dynamic, yet cosy town and see what’s going on!

Humphrey’s Hotel – Not actually a hotel per se, this is a newer venue that manages to combine all the fine elements of the town’s charming past with the casual comfort of a modern-day restaurant. It houses one of the best Hurstville Pub, and is a popular meeting place for both locals and visitors to congregate so they can enjoy the refreshing indoor-outdoor feel while tucking into some of the best pub grub around!

Hurstville Museum & Gallery – This is the home of approximately 6,000 objects and artworks from the local area. The Museum & Gallery is a popular destination for thousands of local and interstate visitors every year, making it a vibrant hub of community activity, with regular educational talks and programs, special events, and dynamic exhibitions. The Museum & Gallery features a mix of modern fine arts and traditional crafts as well as a variety of fascinating historical objects that offer a glimpse into the region’s past.

Hurstville Railway Station – This eye-catching example of ultramodern transportation architecture is located on the Illawarra line. It is served by Sydney Trains T4 line services and NSW TrainLink South Coast line services. The station is unique in that it houses a capacious shopping centre above it so you can do your bargain hunting before you catch the train!

Hurstville Central – This famed shopping centre built above the railway tracks began its life in 1956 when a local cake shop owner lodged an application with Hurstville Council to construct a new shopping centre above Hurstville Railway Station, something that was unheard of at the time, and it made quite a local stir! The cake shop owner proposed a five-storey development that stands to this day as a testament to the area’s out-of-the-box creativity and resourcefulness.

Sydney’s Real Chinatown – More than half of Hurstville’s residents claim Chinese ancestry, making it the only suburb in all of New South Whales in which a community of non-English migrants outnumbers everyone else combined! It’s easy to see this ancient Asian culture’s influence as you walk around town, red Chinese lanterns hang in the train station, a glowing contrast to all the steel and chrome, and commuters read Chinese language newspapers on the benches as they wait for their train! Hurstville is home to many Chinese-styled businesses, including Chinese medicine apothecaries and markets full of delicacies like dried squid and preserved eggs!

Visit the Georges River Council website to find more information on the Hurstville area. We hope to see you in Hurstville soon!