Cool Vendors to Book for your Party in 2024


If you are planning a party this year and you want it to be remembered for all the right reasons, there are novel vendors who would love to attend; from neon candy floss to bouncy castles and everything in between. You can wow your guests with an array of exciting stuff, and with that in mind, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Photo booth– People love to capture special moments; you can hire a photo booth with No Filter Photo Booth, a leading Australian company that excels in delivering rich backgrounds and using the best equipment, you get sharp images. Rates are reasonable and nothing is too much trouble for the vendor.
  • Balloon parties– They are back with a bang! All shapes, sizes and colours can be used to make up a special arrangement; you can decorate tables and even have an animal-making contest using balloons. The vendor will teach your guests how to make amazing things, plus he does an exhibition that is well worth seeing. Of course, kids love balloons, but they also have adult themes and a Google search will take you to a vendor.
  • Craft beer wagon – The guys and gals will warmly appreciate a supply of premium craft beers, served at the perfect temperature; NSW has some of the finest craft ales in the world and a few entrepreneurs have set up cool mobile ventures that you can hire. If you want guests to have free drinks, make a deal with the vendor, or your guests can start paying when your budget is reached. Here are a few tips for arranging a corporate event.
  • Axe throwing– Alcohol and axe-throwing, what could possibly go wrong? Seriously, it is very well managed and its great fun learning how to throw! The macho guys would love a go at axe throwing, you can set up teams and award prizes.
  • Portrait sketcher– Talented artists are happy to draw your guests and who doesn’t want an authentic hand-drawn self-portrait? Check out the various artists who visit parties and see what they charge. Many young artists are happy to just cover their costs, such is their love of art.
  • Escape room– Typically a modified motorhome is converted into an escape room, which is great for parties. There are lots of themes to choose from and we bet this attraction will be the most visited; people love a fun challenge, testing their IQ and imagination; if you have yet to experience an escape room, try it, you will be surprised!
  • Punch power meter – We’ve all seen the pro boxers smashing into the +900 range; why not let your guests test their striking power? Set up a contest and the ladies love to punch too!

So, there are a few ideas to get you thinking; whatever you choose book early and call the vendors the day before to confirm. If you’re planning to host your outdoor party in NSW, click here. Get planning and your do will be a wow with all your guests.