The Most Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying Snowshoes for Men


Snowshoeing isn’t just a way to walk in winter. It is one of the best outdoor activities and sports. Many people take part in this winter sport and activity. Once you try it, you’ll realize that snowshoeing is, frankly, the best outdoor activity and sport during winter.

It’s the best of all things: awe-inspiring, human-health-friendly, eco-friendly, fun, easy, and simple. If you haven’t tried this winter sport and activity before, you’re missing a lot of vital things. Get the right snowshoes for men and give it a go.

Before you can purchase your first snowshoe pair, let’s discover the most important things you need to know. By the time you complete reading this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to know what you need when it comes to picking the right snowshoes for your snowshoeing activity or sport. Let’s find out more.

How Do You Determine the Right Snowshoe Size?

Finding the perfect snowshoe size is fairly easy and simple. Your snowshoe’s length is directly correlated to your weight and that of the pack. So you can find the right size by considering the recommended weight ranges on the size chart.

Remember that the fluffier and deeper the snow is, the larger the snowshoe size. It’s all about float, and the best snowshoes deliver that effortlessly. Let’s discover some interesting facts about snowshoes:

  • The typical western round-tail snowshoes are better for deep, powdery snow
  • The V-tail snowshoes are easier to walk in, making them perfect for learners
  • Women’s snowshoes are usually narrower compared to men’s since men have wider strides than women
  • Younger men can perfectly fit in snowshoes for women since they’re usually narrower and smaller

In order to pick the right snowshoe size, remember to calculate the weight of the pack and clothes you will have when snowshoeing. The types of boots you put on also determine the right snowshoe size.

Warmer boots are usually recommended for hiking or walking during summer. Lighter boots are ideal for running during winter or aggressive snowshoeing. This is a basic and general snowshoe sizing guide for anyone who needs help figuring out what’ll be the perfect snowshoe’s size.

Men’s Snowshoes Binding Types

Over the past few decades, there has been a wide range of binding types and innovations for men’s snowshoes. They include the following:

  • BOA Fit System: This system is commonly found on snowshoes. But you can also find it on cycling shoes and snowboards. With a BOA fit system snowshoes binding, you get the perfect fit with an equally distributed tension. These bindings are comfortable and easy to use. Whether seasoned or newbie, you’ll find it easier and quickly to get out of the bindings.
  • Pack Flat Binding: Pack flat binding lies flat against the frames. When not snowboarding, skiing, or snowshoeing, this type of binding offers ease of attaching to the backpack.
  • Hugin Binding: This type of binding has a locking cinch cord-type foot harness. While the laces look similar to a shoe, they tighten from the cord pull. To keep the laces secure, you need to keep them locked.
  • Paragon Binding: This binding type is a freeze-resistant mesh strap that incorporates a toe for accurate foot alignment. It wraps securely around a vast array of boots for easier control.

Understand the Terrain Type

Before you can pick your snowshoes, be sure to understand the terrain type. This also helps determine the right snowshoes. Manufacturers manufacture three main types of snowshoes. They include:

  • Flat terrain: Designed and created for casual workers.
  • Rolling terrain: Perfect for terrain that ranges between moderately sloped and flat.
  • Mountain terrain: Perfectly designed and created to handle icy or steep terrains.

Some unique models are designed specifically for climbing, fitness, and running. You’ll always find the right snowshoes for men no matter where you’re planning to go for your snowshoeing or what you want to do.

To find snowshoes that will last longer and offer top-notch services, find a top-rated online store and manufacturer when purchasing your snow equipment. You’ll have the best bindings that accept a range of footwear, from snowboard to hiking boots. For sure, you’ll take your snowshoeing experience to the next level.