The Different Types of RV: Which Meets Your Needs?


The number of people who own an RV has increased 62% in the past 20 years, meaning a record 11.2 million residents now own an RV.

If you are one of the many people who dream of cruising the country in an RV, you might be wondering where to start. Your first question should be: What types of RV options are available?

Learn more about your options in this guide.

Types of RV For Sale

An RV stands for a recreational vehicle, which is a broad term to define any vehicle that is used for leisure travel. The type of RV you buy will depend on a few things. For instance, you should ask yourself: “What type of RV trip will I be going on, and for how long?”

Knowing the purpose of buying an RV will determine which style is best. Once you know the answer, then review the list below to make a decision.

Class A

Class A RVs are a certain kind of motorhome, which are the largest of its kind. This is because class A’s are homes on wheels that include amenities like a bathroom, kitchen, and separate bedroom.

These vehicles are built on a chassis that gives them the shape of a bus. The engine is usually in the back and it runs on either diesel or gas.

If you plan to travel long distances overnight then a class A is the most luxurious option.

Class B

Another type of RV motorhome is class B, which is a van manufactured for long travel. This means it has the structure of a van that utilizes the interior space to make it into a small living area.

When it comes to RV bathrooms, class B has the smallest, if any. It also includes a kitchenette area with a dining table that converts into a bed, which is perfect if you want to rent an RV cheap.

Class C

Class C RVs are a combination of class A and class B. It is bigger than a van but has a smaller cabin than a class C, and it is designed like a truck with an engine in the front.

RV beds in class C models are usually above the cabin and have convertible dining areas that flip into beds.

Fifth Wheel

This is the largest type of trailer that is similar in size to a class A. However, this type of RV sits on top of a pick-up truck bed, which carries a lot of the RV weight.

RV rooms in a fifth-wheeler are large and comfortable. It includes a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and a separate bedroom. The main difference between this and class A is that the trailer doesn’t have a cabin.

If it is attached to the truck on the bumper then it is not a fifth wheel, rather it’s just a trailer camper.

Pup-Up Camper

One type of trailer camper is a pop-up, which is compact and expands like a tent to offer bedding and canopy options.

These trailers don’t have bathrooms or a full kitchen. They tend to act as a large metal tent that utilizes outdoor space for entertaining.

Picking the Right RV

There are so many types of RV options to choose from that it may be difficult to decide at first. Create a list of features that you prefer and set a budget that can narrow your search.

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