The Definitive Guide to Split-Shank Engagement Rings

When celebrities like Beyonce, Blake Lively, and Paris Hilton sport a specific type of ring, it makes you wonder what makes it so special, right? The split-shank style of rings has become a highly sought-after choice not only for celebrities but for us commoners, too. Let us take a deep dive into what makes split-shank engagement rings so alluring, unravelling the enigma that they are, and why this type of ring is a good choice.

For those who are relatively new to the realm of rings, let us start with the basics. So, what exactly is a split-shank engagement ring? A “shank” is a band or metal part that holds the centerpiece of your ring (generally one or more gemstones) and wraps around your finger. A split-shank ring features a unique design where this band splits as it comes near the center stone. This creates an illusion of a cradle holding the stone or makes it look like a stacking pattern of two rings. What better way to symbolize a union, right?

So, what makes split-shank engagement rings so popular? A split-shank engagement ring, because of its unique design, makes the ring look more detailed and elaborate. Additionally, because the band is split, it also helps achieve two more amazing benefits:

  1. The center rock or diamond looks much bigger than its actual size
  2. The ring is much lighter than normal rings

Basically, a split-shank design makes your ring look bigger without any discomfort because it is so lightweight. Another reason why split-shank engagement rings are popular is that their artistic style provides a lot of scope for customization, engraving, and filigree work.

Contemporary split-shank engagement ring designs manage to beautifully blend the old and new, giving jewelry designers ample flexibility to incorporate modern design elements and trends.

Pros of split-shank engagement rings

Versatility and flexibility

One of the most fascinating aspects of split-shank engagement rings is that they lend themselves very well to various design variations. This makes it a great option for something classic as well as something that is currently trending. These rings can be as simple or as ornate as you want them to be. The design of the shank can make it look subtle or bold with just a small variation in the distance between the arcs of the band (or the thickness). Another thing that makes the split-shank design popular is that it has this innate ability to pair well with any kind of outfit.

Long lasting

Unlike some other settings, a great benefit of the split-shank engagement ring is that it is very durable. This style ensures that the center stone is secure and irrespective of the way you use it, you can rest assured that the stone or the diamond in the center will be held in place firmly.

Extra shine and bling

Split-shank engagement rings are often paired with a pave-style setting. What this achieves is that it acts as a beautiful accent to the stone in the center and makes it stand out elegantly. The split shank makes the stone look bigger and the pattern of the diamonds around it gives the ring that added shine (because it allows for more light to reflect on the surface area of the smaller diamonds).

Sophistication and symmetry

A split-shank design gives an aesthetic, geometrically symmetrical look to your ring and makes it look classy and sophisticated. This distinctive look is sure to make heads turn in any room you walk into.

Designer’s dream

Split-shank engagement rings are a designer’s dream come true. If you are a person who likes to make a personalized statement through customization, a split-shank engagement ring is your best bet. A designer loves when the demand for the ring is detailed in design and the split-shank engagement ring provides scope for all kinds of customizations. The split-shank style sits extremely well with pave, halo setting, and many more types of settings. Additionally, it is extremely versatile and lends itself really well to all kinds of metals and materials. Split-shank engagement rings provide the perfect canvas for true designers to go crazy and create something truly unique and out of this world.

With all this being said about split-shank engagement rings, it is safe to assume that the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin. You simply cannot go wrong with these rings. However, there is one aspect where split-shank rings are a victim of their own success. The only drawback that split-shank engagement rings have is that because of the unique shape of the band, it can prove to be slightly difficult to find a wedding band that perfectly complements a split-shank engagement ring.

So, if you like the style and look of a particular wedding band, the split-shank engagement ring might not always be the best choice for you.

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