6 Must-Have Accessories for Every New Work Truck and Van

For every new truck or van owner, there are some pain points that can prove to be quite a hassle when it comes to ensuring the smooth running of both your vehicle and your business. Well, it will be a relief for you to know that there are ways to make your troubles go away.

Adding just a few aftermarket accessories can make your life so much easier. These quick fixes can really work wonders for your truck or van and improve not only its safety and durability, but also make it look extremely stylish. American Van offers a variety of truck and van accessories that can not only improve the functionality of your vehicle, but also help you build a solid brand image for your business.

There is a clear benefit in the way van and truck accessories help you increase productivity, which in turn can augment revenues. An organized and good-looking van or truck can really make a good first impression when you take your business onsite. Imagine a worn-out truck showing up for the first day of work at a client’s site and compare it to a modern, stylish, and fully-equipped van. Anyone in their right mind would pick the latter, right?

Truck and van accessories help you in organizing your cargo in an efficient way. This means that you have greater control over your inventory. There are several other benefits of outfitting your work vehicle with various accessories. Here are our top six picks in terms of must-have accessories for your van or truck.

  1. Running boards, rear access steps, and protection

A broad running board offers great safety, utility, and durability. It eases ergonomic movement in and out of the vehicle. However, do ensure that the running boards offer sufficient traction and a proper grip. An ergonomic rear access becomes crucial for your pick-up truck and van since it facilitates easy access to your tools and cargo. We can’t harp enough on the need for additional protection for your van. If you have to back up or park your vehicle in narrow spaces, protection becomes very crucial. There is a plethora of options to choose from right here at American Van.

  1. Tonneau cover

A tonneau cover is another must-have when it comes to truck accessories. A tonneau cover offers security and protection to your cargo and tools. In addition to that, it gives your truck a very stylish look. Some tonneau covers are also known to improve the fuel efficiency of your pickup truck. There are various styles of tonneau covers to choose from and you can just dump all your cargo in the rear area when you are in a hurry and still ensure decent security and a neat look.

  1. Ladder racks

Ladder racks for van are key when it comes to space utilization. Ladder racks help you to haul your heavy cargo and optimize your storage space when you are running out of floor space. Ladder racks facilitate the storage of your cargo on the roof of the van securely. They also prevent any scrapes or dents that can occur when storing your ladder or cargo. Ladder racks are also referred to as cargo racks. Available in different styles and designs, contemporary ladder racks are extremely lightweight and provide you with an easy way to stow and unload your ladders.

  1. LED lighting

One thing truck and van owners often tend to overlook is the lighting in their vehicles. We highly recommend using supplementary LED lighting in the interior areas of your van. LED light strips are very easy to install and they ensure better visibility inside the van, especially in dimly lit parking lots or relatively darker jobsites. Interior lighting also becomes crucial when it comes to night shifts. This kind of lighting will facilitate easy visibility of your cargo irrespective of the external conditions.

  1. Storage

Chests, truck bed organizers, cabinets, boxes, shelving units, storage bins, and lockable drawers are a few of the most sought-after van accessories and there is a good reason why that is the case. All these solutions ensure two things:

  • Safe and secure storage of your business tools and equipment
  • Space optimization
  • Easy access to all your cargo and material

Simply put, these van and truck accessories are the backbone of your business.

  1. Document holders

Another underrated van accessory is a document holder. Whether you have a fleet, just a couple of vehicles, or even when you consider private use, paperwork and documentation are required everywhere and can be a hassle if you do not organize it properly. Especially when it comes to commercial use, paperwork is required not only for the vehicle but also for deliveries. A document holder with multiple compartments is a brilliant and easy solution. Multiple compartments help you organize your documents easily and also make them quickly accessible.

According to our in-house experts at American Van, these six are among the most crucial van and truck accessories that every fleet owner or business owner must have. There are many more accessories that can make your ride smoother and more efficient, but these six are indispensable at all stages of your logistical journey.

To browse through all these van and truck accessories, take a look at American Van’s online catalog and take your pick now! When it comes to maximum cargo efficiency, driving safely and with style, American Van Equipment is the go-to choice for thousands of customers in the United States. We are known for our domain expertise, quality products, and world-class customer service. Get in touch with our team to understand how you can upgrade your work vehicle in a way that it serves your specific needs and makes everyday business more productive and hassle free for you and your employees.