The 5 Largest Mistakes Consumers Make During a Long-Distance Move


Relocating to a new state can feel intimidating, exhilarating, and frustrating. When trying to manage your emotions, it can be challenging to oversee and operate logistically through a long-distance move. Colorado is a beautiful place to plant your roots; once you have laid them down, it can be difficult to get up and leave. That is the funny thing about life, we all have different experiences and perceptions, but change remains consistent for everyone. When undergoing significant changes in your life, it is always vital to have a means of support as a safety net throughout those transitions.

Relocating is known to be stressful, and while there is no growth without a little bit of uneasiness – that doesn’t mean stress and anxiety get to rule the show. Cross-country moving companies in Colorado exist to recreate the moving experience. Hiring professionals helps make your life easier, so you aren’t stuck worrying about the logistics. However, many mistakes are commonly made during long-distance relocations, which you can learn from, so you aren’t prone to repeating behaviors or practices that will create more hurdles and difficulties during your moving journey.


Procrastination is something that many of us do for many reasons and with a thousand excuses attached. If you already practice the habit of completing everything on your to-do list in the final hours – this can be problematic. Now is the time to create new patterns and practices because prepping for a long-distance move means getting started as far in advance as possible.

Putting things off only makes them seem more extensive and more complicated than they are. The relocation process has to be prioritized, and you must be proactive about every aspect of your move. The easiest way to simplify things is by contacting local, licensed movers who can help you get started, scheduled, and on the road to your destination!

Going into a Move Without a Plan

If you are not into making lists, this may seem like calculus to you; however – creating a tangible to-do list or a step-by-step plan for your move can help determine the seamlessness of the entire process. Create a moving checklist that you can tick off to adapt and better navigate your relocation journey. Without something to refer back to ensure everything and everyone is in their right place, and you have completed all the tasks necessary before a move, you could run around like a maniac, shouldering loads of unnecessary stress and heaps of anxiety.

When you book a full-service moving company, they will provide a personal moving representative with a free estimate for your long-distance move. They also offer a fully staffed customer service and dispatch team to answer any questions or concerns. And, of course, they provide licensed and insured movers and drivers for interstate transit. They can check off all the boxes for you!

Underestimating Packing

Packing can be lumped in with procrastination because no one ever wants to consider putting all of their lively possessions into boxes and moving across the country or state lines. Setting unrealistic expectations and standards around the packing timeline is a common mistake for Colorado residents. If you had time to waste, you could pack up a house or apartment quickly, but this isn’t the case for the everyday consumer.

We all have lives; a million different things are happening, and finding the time to pack means setting it aside. Moving companies are there to provide packing solutions. They specialize in providing the most outstanding line of defense for your household goods and premium protection with packing. There will be more than one packing option available, and you can utilize these services to your benefit rather than attempting it all yourself to your detriment.

Not Considering Storage

Long-distance moving frequently coincides with unexpected events. There are various moving parts that must work together to manifest a seamless moving experience. While this is what everyone aims for, you can’t control everything around you. Sometimes hurdles present themselves – a house deal falls through, you cannot locate an apartment that aligns with your schedule, etc. If you do not have a moving and storage company to fall back on, you could throw your belongings into public storage. Be aware of what you can’t control and ask about your moving company’s storage options.

Attempting a Long-Distance Move DIY

When you are approaching a cross-country move, it is easy to want to have your hands in every basket. It is also innate that Denverites want to save money, and generally – this results in DIY moves. When you are moving, instead of going with a team of reliable movers, anything and everything falls on your shoulders. You have to be realistic about the plans that sit before you, and you should always reach out for support before relying on your own devices.

Rocky Movers is a locally owned and family-operated moving company out of Denver, CO, servicing their friends and neighbors with modern moving solutions. Their movers proudly provide affordable state-to-state moving services, supplying white glove treatment to every client. There is so much to do and so many things to consider when you are moving cross country. Still, it is always possible to cultivate a stress-free environment and seamless moving experience by avoiding these common mistakes and with the help of local moving experts!