Stella Star Dejesus and Her Family Members

Stella Star Dejesus and Her Family Members

Stella Star Dejesus’ Early Experiences

Stella Star Dejesus was born in 2017 and is currently 4 years old. She is the daughter of Briana DeJesus, a reality TV star and social media influencer. Stella’s childhood has been documented on her mother’s Instagram and on the TV show “Teen Mom 2”.

As a young child, Stella has already experienced some challenges. She was born with a heart condition called ventricular septal defect (VSD) and underwent surgery at just 3 months old to repair it. Despite this, Stella has continued to thrive and bring joy to her family.


Stella’s mother, Briana DeJesus, was born on May 21, 1994, in Orlando, Florida. She rose to fame on the reality TV show “16 and Pregnant” and later appeared on “Teen Mom 3” before joining the cast of “Teen Mom 2” in 2017. Briana is known for her outspoken personality and has been open about her struggles as a single mother.

Stella’s father has not been publicly identified, but it is known that he is not involved in her life. Briana has been raising Stella and her older sister Nova as a single mother.


Stella has one older sister named Nova Star DeJesus, who was born in 2011. Nova’s father is Devoin Austin, who has also appeared on “Teen Mom 2”. Nova and Stella are very close, and Briana often shares photos and videos of them playing together on social media.


Stella is currently Briana’s youngest child. Briana has expressed interest in having more children in the future, but has also stated that she wants to wait until she is in a stable relationship.


Stella’s aunt is Brittany Dejesus, Briana’s younger sister. Brittany has also appeared on “Teen Mom 2” and has been a supportive presence in Stella’s life. She often spends time with Briana and the girls and has been seen babysitting them on the show.


Stella’s maternal grandmother is Roxanne Dejesus. Roxanne has also appeared on “Teen Mom 2” and has been a major presence in Briana’s life. She has been supportive of Briana as a single mother and has helped her raise Nova and Stella.

Stella Star Dejesus’ Career and Achievements

As a young child, Stella does not have a career or achievements to speak of yet. However, she has already captured the hearts of many fans of “Teen Mom 2” with her adorable personality and sweet smile.

More About Stella Star Dejesus

Stella Star Dejesus may be just a young child, but she has already faced challenges and shown her strength. She has a loving family who supports her and is sure to have a bright future ahead of her. As she grows up, it will be interesting to see what path she chooses to take and what kind of person she will become.