Layne Ettie Deboer and Her Family: Early Life, Education, and More

Layne Ettie Deboer’s Early Experiences

Layne Ettie Deboer was born in 2018, making her currently three years old. She is the daughter of Chelsea DeBoer and Cole DeBoer, who are both known for their appearances on the reality TV show, Teen Mom 2. Layne is the youngest of four children in the DeBoer family, with siblings Aubree Skye Lind-Deboer, Watson Cole DeBoer, and Walker June DeBoer.

Growing up in the public eye, Layne has already had a unique experience. Her parents, Chelsea and Cole, have been open about their lives on the show, which has allowed fans to see Layne grow up alongside her siblings. From her early days as a newborn, fans have been able to watch Layne’s milestones, such as learning to crawl and walk.


Layne’s mother, Chelsea DeBoer, was born in Vermillion, SD, in 1991. She first gained fame as one of the stars of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, which followed her journey as a teenage mother. She then went on to star in the spinoff show, Teen Mom 2, which has been on the air since 2011.

Chelsea married Cole DeBoer in 2016, and the two have been together ever since. Cole has been a supportive stepfather to Chelsea’s oldest daughter, Aubree, and the couple has since welcomed three more children, including Layne.


In addition to Layne, Chelsea and Cole have three other children. Aubree Skye Lind-DeBoer is Chelsea’s oldest daughter, from a previous relationship. Watson Cole DeBoer was born in 2017, and Walker June DeBoer was born in 2021.

Aubree, who is now 12 years old, has grown up on the show alongside her mother. She has been a fan favorite due to her sweet demeanor and close relationship with her stepfather, Cole. Watson, who is four years old, has also made appearances on the show, as has Walker, who was born in January of 2021.


Layne Ettie DeBoer is the youngest of Chelsea and Cole’s four children. As previously mentioned, she was born in 2018, and fans have been able to watch her grow up on the show. While she is still young, Layne has already captured the hearts of viewers with her adorable smile and bubbly personality.


Layne is lucky to have a large and supportive extended family. Her maternal grandparents are Randy Houska and Mary Kneip. Randy, who was born in 1963, has been a fixture on Teen Mom 2 since the beginning, and fans have watched him support his daughter, Chelsea, through all of life’s ups and downs. Mary has also made appearances on the show, and has been a source of love and support for her daughter and grandchildren.

Layne Ettie Deboer’s Education And Career

As a three-year-old, Layne is not yet in school, but she is undoubtedly learning and growing every day. While it is unclear what the future holds for Layne, she is lucky to have a family that supports her and will undoubtedly be there to guide her as she grows up.

More About Layne Ettie Deboer

While Layne is still young, she has already made an impact on the world through her appearances on Teen Mom 2. She has captured the hearts of viewers with her sweet personality and adorable smile, and