Stacy Deluke – Who is She?

Stacy Deluke

Stacy Deluke is a former Blackwater spokesperson and the current wife of Erik Prince. Stacy Deluke is not the first wife of the famous Billionaire because Erik Prince was previously married two times. Erik Prince’s first wife was Joan Nicole, who died of cancer when she was 36. Joan Nicole introduced Erik Prince to Catholicism which he practices up to date.

After the death of Erik Prince’s first wife, he married his children’s nanny Joanna Ruth Houck. Prince had revealed that he started seeing his children’s nanny when his first wife was ailing of cancer. At that time, Ruth Houck became pregnant, and in 2004, they were married.

Stacy Deluke’s husband and his second wife had three children together, but they divorced in 2012. Stacy Deluke and Erik Prince are married, but it seems they have no child yet.

Stacy Deluke’s Husband

Erik Dean Prince was born on June 6, 1969, in Holland, Michigan and is the husband of Stacy Deluke. Prince was born to his parents, Edgar D Prince and Elsa. Prince was the youngest in his family and had three elder siblings. According to Stacy Deluke’s mother-in-law, when Prince was young, he toured around the world with his father. He got the opportunity to visit the battlefields of Normandy and various camps in Germany. These tours seem to have given Erik Prince the motivation he needed.

Erik Prince went into United States Naval Academy and attended three semesters before changing his mind and explaining he loved the Navy but disliked the academy. In 1992, Prince received his BA in Economics from Hillsdale College.

When Prince was in Hillsdale, he volunteered as a firefighter and cold-water diver for Hillsdale County Sherriff’s department. After serving well, he finally became a medical technician.

Erik Prince had an entrepreneurial spirit, which helped him get many opportunities. He was employed as an officer in the United States Navy Officer Candidate School in 1992. Prince became a Navy SEAL and was deployed by SEAL Team 8 in the Middle East. According to Prince, the SEAL was his motivator in venturing into entrepreneurship.

During the numerous ventures and Yugoslav Wars in the early 1990s, Prince realized the need for private training facilities to be used for special operations. Due to his idea, Prince prematurely ended his US Navy Service in 19995.

How Did Stacy Deluke’s Husband Become an entrepreneur

Prince Duke left employment in 1995 and formed Blackwater Worldwide in 1997, financed by himself. Prince bought 6000 acres of land in North Carolina and set up his school for special operations.

Prince revealed that the Rwandan genocide in 1994 influenced his decision to start Blackwater. Prince realized that they had to act, but the resources were lacking. From 1997 to 2010, Blackwater was awarded $2 billion for government security operations.

Besides Blackwater undertaking government operations, it was contracted by the CIA, making it one of the largest private security companies. The company provided more than 987 guards for embassies and other bases abroad.

In 2007, Blackwater employees opened fire in a crowded square in Baghdad, killing 17 civilians in Iraq and injuring many more. Many people criticized the event.